Arguing With Myself

“Why don’t you just let it go?”

“Wipe the dust from your feet…wash your hands of them…”

“Why don’t you unfriend them or unfollow them or block them for your own mental health?”



The idea that we need to protect ourselves makes sense…  But I CAN’T be sure it’s God’s Truth rather than simply cultural values.  (We can find Oprah-esque quotes everywhere about self-care, but humans have spent a long time trying to tease that concept out of the Bible.)

I have been given a set of gifts that makes me obsessed with the truth. I crave it like a jonesing addict. And, once I uncover a tidbit that helps me move closer to God, I have to share it.

I CAN’T keep quiet.

…unless I’m supposed to be self-controlled.  Maybe the best course is to shut up and leave this between me and God.  (He doesn’t want us to be doormats, right?)

But, wait.  God gave me the gift of communication.   What sort of wicked servant buries her talents in the sand?   Use me, Lord! I’m here, and I’m willing!

All of my experiences, all of the joys and heartaches, all the time I’ve spent wrestling with my Maker has been so that I can share with my brothers and sisters afterward about the Truth I’ve learned.

I have encouragement to offer.

I have Good News (after I tell you some bad news)…

It was for this that I was created!

I think.




….please give me a minute to argue with myself a little more.

9 thoughts on “Arguing With Myself

  1. Noah Morton

    It’s only in a world like this one where we can look at people wanting to be a “voice crying out in the desert,” and tell them to shut up and keep the heaven sent info to themselves.


  2. insanitybytes22

    LOL! Yep. I’ll leave you with my favorite ear worm, from the Gambler, “know when to hold and when to fold’em.” Sometimes we’re called to sing out the truth and sometimes we’re called to just apply some spiritual duct tape and say nothing. I have no way of knowing which situation calls for one response and which for the other, without the Holy Spirit leading me.

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