One Change to Make for a Happy Mother’s Day

Recently a friend polled his female followers in preparation for a Mother’s Day sermon. He asked, “What’s one thing you’d like to change about your life?”

What’s one thing you’d like to change?

Many women answered, “I want more understanding” or “It would be nice to have respect.”  (One even said, “An equal share!…We should redistribute MomVs.Dad tasks because so many women are overworked while men are calm and happy.”)

But here was my response:


What one thing would I change?… That’s really tough because I’d give a different answer depending on what kind of mood I’m in.

Just last night, I launched into a famous mom-tirade at the expense of my poor husband, with no less than half a dozen things I was unhaaaaaaappy about. “I need more support!” and “I feel like I do everything myself” and “You have no idea what it’s like to corral two, small children 24-HOURS a day!”

Gee, it must be nice having so little responsibility, I brooded in my head. 

Last night, it would have been difficult to pick just one thing I wanted to change in my overworked, under-appreciated, unfair life…

And, yet. I’m a child of the Creator, and I know for certain that He has a purpose for *every* detail of my day. Time and again I’ve discovered the “problems” in my life actually serve to strip away selfishness and bring forth fruit like patience, gentleness, and self-control.

The process is painful–but necessary. 

This morning, I can see that all the time I spend comparing my lot to my husband’s (or other moms) actually is the source of my unhappiness–not the amount or type of work I have to do in the first place.

God sees my efforts, and He has measured this portion just for me. What kind of petty, spoiled, self-absorbed brat would I be if He changed everything I disliked about my job?

…Would that kind of change be worth it?

I guess I’m saying there’s nothing I want to change in my life–at least now that a better attitude has accompanied a new day. I trust God will do the changing if/when it’s necessary; and there’s a reason for the stuff He hasn’t removed. And though I may struggle with the old woe-is-me, I-deserve-better flesh again tomorrow, I’m resolved today to accept everything God puts on my plate.

Even if it seems unequal.

Even if nobody appreciates it.

Even if I really want it changed.

You might say, the only thing I’d like to change about my life is the persistent, haunting, internal voice that tells me happiness is anything other than a change in perspective


Happy Mother’s Day, to all my over-worked, under-appreciated readers who are learning patience and self-control with me right now!   🙂

1 thought on “One Change to Make for a Happy Mother’s Day

  1. missionaryoutfitters

    It’s good to accept one’s place in the Lord, but what about Joy in one’s place or even Joy in the suffering. Until we share in the Joy of suffering we’ve not yet made it. Keep at it, friend.



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