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An Apology Letter Your Pastor Can Use

It seems pastors and leaders everywhere are being asked to apologize for participating in systemic racism.  If they don’t repent (and, often, even when they DO repent) they will be “cancelled.”

If you are a white Christian, or if you are a black Christian who values biblical unity above racial tribalism, then you WILL be asked to apologize for vague grievances eventually.  Perhaps you have been asked already.

You cannot be Progressive and compassionate and careful enough.   Eventually, you will be accosted by a group of people who have embraced religious, “Anti-Racist” doctrine, deeply rooted in Critical Theory.  (See this 3-part documentary about the riots at a Liberal Arts college which led to the hunting of a Progressive professor: Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3)

I’m not going to examine the problems with Critical Theory in this blog post.   You can read my declaration that I’m STILL Not a Feminist for some resources to get you started.  But, here, I’m simply going to give one important piece of advice for when (not if, but WHEN) you are told to apologize for offending the Anti-Racist religion.

Do. Not. Give. In. 

Be careful not to grow angry and bitter, of course.   In fact, I highly recommend this Important Letter to White People (note: it’s not what you may think!).  This is good advice to be careful not to “take the bait” of reacting with defensiveness and Reactionary Racism because growing bitter in return won’t help anyone.


Instead, if you simply MUST say “sorry” for something, I have drafted a letter you can feel free to borrow and share as needed, for a ready response to the Cancel Culture mob.


Dear Reconciliation Activists:

As a follower of Christ and a lover of Justice, I am truly, deeply sorry for several things which I would like to list here…

#1.   I am sorry if I have ever indicated a person’s skin color matters more than their relationship with God.

#2.   I am sorry that you are struggling with negative feelings toward me and/or my ministry.

#3.   I am sorry that you have been led to believe my ministry exists to make you feel a certain way.

Let me be clear:  I am not interested in a pop-psych or pop-sociological explanation about how the world works.   I want to glorify God, by seeking his objective Truth and applying his holy Word to every part of my life.

If you’re not speaking the Truth of God, I don’t want to hear from you.  And if you DO want to make a Truth claim, then you will be asked to back it up with evidence and logic and consistency.   (I’m sorry if you think these things were “invented by white people,” and that it would automatically be a bad thing, if they were.)

In my church/ministry, we appeal to a Higher Authority, and–I’m sorry to say–it isn’t your Lived Experience. 

If you would like to come and learn what I believe about God and Scripture and Sin and True Justice, then individuals of all beliefs and ethnic backgrounds are welcome to dialog with me.

But if you would like to come and dismantle the Unity in Christ that Christians have spent centuries working toward, then…I’m sorry, you are going to be disappointed.

ALL human prejudice must be left at the foot of the cross, including YOUR prejudice against white people. This is for your own good AND for the good of the people in the Church who are eagerly awaiting to become your Brothers and Sisters. Your bitterness and divisive Theology will destroy all of us.

This is not about you.

It’s about Jesus.

I’m truly, deeply, overwhelmingly sorry that you have ever been told it’s YOU who fully understands, defines, and executes “justice.”

With love and allegiance to the Living Savior,

—Amanda McKinney