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Why I Laugh at My Kids

While helping teach a Sunday school class for preschoolers, I asked the group of kids a participation question:

“What does a frog say?”

Easy, right? I was expecting “Ribbit, Ribbit.”

Instead, when I called on a little boy in the front row, he responded with a deep, croaking: “RrrrrrrroooooooOOOOOOOOAGH!”

It was so unexpected, and so remarkably accurate, that my co-teacher and I cracked up laughing.

…and then the little boy burst into tears.


I had forgotten that not all children are used to be laughed at. 

My children certainly are.

Whenever they say something cute or profound or even remotely funny, I don’t hesitate to giggle.  (And, half the time, one of them will ask, “Can you share that on Facebook now?”  😉 )

I completely understand WHY a child would cry, if adults are laughing and it gets interpreted as making fun of him.  But that’s where the adults should say something like:

“I’m sorry that hurt your feelings. But we’re actually impressed with your frog noise! It was so good that it made me laugh!”

Children simply need time and experience to learn how to tell the difference between friendly laughter and malicious mocking.

What I don’t understand is how a person might grow all the way into adulthood and still be so sensitive that they can’t tolerate laughter about many, many things. 

Now, I think it’s important to mention that literally everyone thinks they have a sense of humor…  (I mean, can you remember the last time someone said, “I’m not much of a ‘laughter’ person”?)

People never come right out and admit they are extremely easily offended. So, you have to watch for certain phrases:

“I have a sense of humor, but…”

There are some things you shouldn’t joke about…”

“Not everybody will get it…”

These are tell-tale indications that the person who is speaking blames you for your response (laughing), instead of blaming the crying person for misunderstanding.

They may not be crying over a frog noise, but there are many people who blame others for “hurting” them.

However, it’s important to remember when someone is laughing, there are only two options:

  1.  That person is an evil, bully/jerk who WANTS to hurt others.   OR
  2.   That person is NOT an evil bully/jerk who DOES NOT want to hurt others.


If the person isn’t an evil bully-jerk, then your hurt feelings are lying to you. They’re telling you to cry, even though there’s nothing to cry about.   

You’re missing the opportunity to be joyful and to laugh along with them, simply because you are misinterpreting the motivation behind it.

And THAT is why I laugh at my children whenever I get the chance.

I want them to know that laughing isn’t something only bully-jerks do.

Laughing (and even teasing!) are things people do when they love you.

At least, that’s how it works in this family.

When you say a word wrong, we laugh.

When you trip and fall down, we laugh.

When you make a surprisingly realistic frog noise and catch us off guard, we laugh.

As a result, our home is filled with the sounds of giggling from both adults and children who are secure enough to laugh at themselves.

If someone is trying to hurt your feelings, then go ahead and be offended by their ugly heart attitude.

But, if someone is laughing, join them!   There are enough people crying about things.

Wanna Be on American Idol?

If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to stand in front of a panel of frowning judges, trying to win their approval, then perhaps Online Apologetics is for you!

Seriously–if you’re going to “defend the faith” on the internet (whether you’re starting a blog, or simply re-posting memes on Facebook to “be a witness”) then you need to understand the similarities between what you’re trying to do…and appearing on American Idol.


Because many, many Atheists think they’re Simon Cowell. 



When you hear warnings such as, “Your tone won’t convert me to your way of thinking…” or “I don’t think Jesus would act like that…” coming from the mouths of people who claim to believe there is no God, then…

you’re probably talking to a Simon Cowell wannabe.

That Atheist wants to be the judge–and he/she wants to make you into a dancing monkey.


Do THIS in order to impress me.

No, not like that, Christian!  Do it NICER! With more love!

Hm….I’m not feeling like going to church, yet… Keep dancing! Be more like Jesus!

(Dancing Christian: “But I thought you said Jesus was a myth?”)


Atheists have become more like Simon Cowell because they have encountered a LOT of Christians on the internet who are desperate to please.

We think it’s our job to make a good impression with non-believers–therefore, we’ve allowed the Atheists to believe they’re the judges of our performance for way, way, way too long.

So what happens when (gasp!) someone finally tells the Judges, “I’m not interested in singing or dancing for you. I want to test whether you can sing/dance yourself…”?

I’ll tell you:

The Atheist Judge gets pretty offended when you won’t let him control what happens on “his show.”

Often, in a panicked move, he will start quoting Scripture to explain why you HAVE to perform for him like Jesus said.   (Yes–the same Jesus they aren’t interested in serving either way.)

If you’re going to discuss with unbelievers online, then you have to understand this!

You need to be forewarned about the dynamics here, so you don’t fall into the trap.

Realize that most internet Atheists are VERY interested in the Bible and Christian “rules”…but only insofar as it allows them to control the conversation. 

Simon Cowells want to know the rules, not so he can follow them, but so they can enforce them.

The judges aren’t interested in singing with you… only in cheering or booing depending on whether they approve of your routine.

Again, this is totally our fault, Christians. We’re the ones to blame for continuing to allow this to happen.  We’re the ones putting Atheists in the judge’s seat by constantly using phrases like “be a good witness” and “win people over.”

The Church has spent decades turning Lost Souls into “prizes” to be earned by singing and dancing the correct way.

We’ve given the Atheists all the power to decide how we’re performing, and they’re taking that role very seriously.

Don’t believe me?  Trudge through the comments under this post, where an Atheist Judge (Scottie) wrote approximately 50 different comments complaining to the blog-owner (Mel) just for associating with a Christian whom Scottie has judged “rude”…

See if you can spot all the manipulative phrases Scottie uses to imply Mel is going to lose the contest if he doesn’t perform better:

“…you will turn off more people than you attract. Your message may be sound and good, but your delivery will be poison.”

“Did not your deity say turn the other cheek?”

“I am not a biblical scholar so please how many times did Jesus say to forgive those who trespass against us?”

“I can not pass judgement on your relationship with your diety. I won’t do that. But I also will let you know that agreeing with John’s rude and insulting behavior soils your representation of your god’s ways, in my eyes. It lessens you and makes me question what your standards are for treating your fellow man.”

“Mel…there are ‘lurkers,’ [who] read and they think on what is said. It is like doing a play to an audience you can not see.”

Be a better Christian!

People are watching!

Scottie Cowell is watching, and he does NOT like what he sees!

Thumbs down


Who wants to be the next contestant on Atheist Idol?


(Here’s the comment I left after reading through the entire thread and wanting to pluck out my eyeballs.)  🙂

6.13.18 Scottie Is The Carrot