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Second-Wave Anti-Amandism

I’m always happy to raise awareness on important cultural issues. TODAY’S cultural issue is: the problem of systemic Amandism.

Racism is bad. Sexism is bad. Ethnocentrism is bad. And Amandism is bad.

That’s pretty straight-forward, right?

Our goal as a society is to stop hating people just for their race or gender–and, most near to our hearts on this blog, we fight to stop the hate based solely on Amanda-status.

I’m proud to say, we’ve come a long way in the fight against Amandism. Nobody has said anything to make me feel agitated or uncomfortable for several weeks, and I must attribute that to the footwork being done by loyal Amanda-Activists from all corners of my living room.

Girl power! etc. etc.

But, as society shifts and meets my demands, it’s necessary to shift my ideology along with it.

It occurs to me that people named Scott or Jessica or Logan may need somebody in their corner as well… And, though the first crusaders who spoke out against Amandism were primarily concerned with–uh–ME, there’s room in our group for anybody who feels oppressed!

We are the Activists! We fight for equality!

Whether you’ve been victimized as an “Amanda” or a “George” or a “Humphrey.”

Second-Wave Anti-Amandism isn’t just for Amanda. We want equality for EVERYBODY–not just those people with my DNA.

(Who can possibly be against that?)

Do you believe all humans should be treated with dignity and kindness? Congratulations, you’re an Anti-Amandist.

Do you believe__________? See? You’re an Anti-Amandist, too!

Do you believe icecream is delicious and puppies are cute? Well, that makes you an Amanda-Activist like me.

In fact, if you think you’re NOT an Amanda Activist, you really just don’t understand what the definition of Anti-Amandism is. (Maybe you’ve been exposed to bad stereotypes?…)

But TRUST ME. You’re one of us.

EVERY decent human being is one of us!!!

The only reason you could possibly NOT be one of us is if you’re a hateful jerk, which means you are proving how much more work we have to do before we achieve Equality, you bigot.


Welcome to the movement!