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Jen Hatmaker Doesn’t Think God Loves EVERYONE

I thought we were just trying to encourage people who were often marginalized for their sexual desires?

That’s why Jen Hatmaker wrote a big, glowing letter to the “Gaybies” about how much God loves them. (“Every, single molecule.”)

But, apparently, there’s a group of people which God does not love quite as much, and to whom Jen will not be writing any encouragement anytime soon…

Before I get to that, here’s Jen’s letter:

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (1st Photo)


So, needless to say, I was swept away with such beautiful speech about God’s love for humans…

“You are so cherished, so adored… perfectly created and capable of great holiness.”


So I wrote:

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (2nd Photo)

Obviously, I don’t mean that minor-attracted individuals should be allowed to indulge their sexual urges.  I just wanted Jen to tell pedophiles they are still invited to meet Jesus, just like she told the “Gaybies”…

But, gee whiz, people didn’t like my idea.

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (3rd Photo)

So I tried to clarify…

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (4th photo)

But they still weren’t going to jump on board with my Loving Suggestion

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (6th Photo)

HATE SPEECH! Did you see that?

I was reported for hate speech…  (*shrug)

But I didn’t have time to figure out how to say something loving to Katie before the Big Woman herself jumped in!

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (5th Photo)


Still I asked perfectly genuine questions, and still I got no responses…  So I had to say something loving to pedophiles myself:

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (7th Photo)

Here are some more hearts, for good measure.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Maybe if I had included a few more hearts in the original comment, I wouldn’t have been deleted and blocked.   😦

But we’ll never know.

Jen Hatmaker Blog Post (8th Photo)


We’ll also never know why Jen Hatmaker is less loving than I am…
P.S.  I don’t usually ask you to share. But please do this time.