About Mrs. McMommy

The real name is Amanda.  I’m a happy First Officer, reporting to the hunky, hard-working Captain of our ship, Luke. We have three, small children–and a fourth due in January.

If you don’t know me in real life, I’ll warn you in advance: there’s a good chance my writing will make you think I’m an egotistical jerk. For that matter, even those who *do* know me usually deal with my style in small doses.  (But they tolerate me because I post hilarious things my toddler says on Facebook.)

My topics are controversial. My tone is unapologetic. And I won’t be distracted by readers who want “nice” more than they want “true.”    If you want to see my smiley, hospitable, personable side, come to one of my kids’ birthday parties.   They’re safe and unoffensive.

This blog isn’t…

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