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Grieving with the Musically Abused

Just how fragile do we think black Christians are?

Apparently, my answer would be different than Andrew Peterson’s…because he’s apologizing to his “friends of all colors” for causing them pain with a music video.

Yes, really. (The video is on YouTube, if you’d like to see the deeply wounding content for yourself.)

Peterson seems to think his simple music video has incredible power over the emotions of certain (minority) Christians–and that’s why he has taken full responsibility for anyone who is grieving–GRIEVING–over the sight of “a lot of white people.”

Among the very kind comments on social media were some painfully negative ones, pointing out that there was a conspicuous lack of racial diversity in the video. Someone actually said, “Man, that’s a lot of white people in one video!” Others said they wouldn’t or couldn’t share it with friends of color because it would cause them pain.

…What was meant to be a video drawing attention to the glory of Jesus, one that opened the door for all people to praise him, had become, for some, a source of grief. I immediately thought of some friends of mine and wondered if I had unintentionally hurt them. I called them and my worst fears were confirmed… we cried and prayed together on the phone.

How old are Andrew’s friends?

Maybe second grade?

That’s the mental picture he paints when he describes a couple of boys crying over the fact that only white people responded to the casting call, and no one hit the streets to track down brown people to mix it up…

So, with all due respect to THE WHITE GUY who complained about “a lot of white people,” I don’t believe grown-up black Christians are that easily triggered.

I think Christians of Color are being misrepresented and infantilized (by divisive race activists)–just as women have been misrepresented by Feminists who claim that the word “Fireman” is hurtful for young girls. Supposedly these females are powerful and able to do anything a man can do–and yet the word “fireman” makes them emotionally unable to apply for the job.

Nope, I don’t buy it.

Likewise, I don’t believe that black Christians are unable to focus on the message of a song unless they see other black Christians in the video. We’re talking about warriors for Christ here! These are children of God, indwelt by the Holy Spirit and set apart with the ability to withstand the firey darts of the Evil One.

…but we need to avoid sharing certain praise songs because the video is too white for them to handle?


White musicians don’t need to tiptoe around a warrior’s feelings. And they certainly don’t need to make a scene out of apologizing to “anyone who may be grieving,” when someone’s “grief” over skin pigment is much more akin to an emotional breakdown.

If it is true that a few black/brown Christians expected Peterson and his Asian director to go specifically looking for folks of a darker shade to sprinkle through the crowd and break up the offensive waxen sea, then those people would do well to remember they don’t speak for everyone.

MOST of my brothers and sisters are focused on what unites us rather than on what divides us. And MOST of us don’t have the time to obsess over the ratio of brown-to-white people in a crowd.

Please, white Christians: stop taking responsibility for the feelings of a handful of black people. You do not have the power to turn true, strong Warriors of Christ into helpless messes of emotion, because MOST Christians (of all colors) are too busy dodging darts to “grieve” over something literally skin deep.