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Vote for Rape; Reduce Rapes

It has been over three years since I wrote THIS blog post unpacking a conversation I had with my militant Atheist troll (“Ark”). Over the course of a couple days, I tried to help Ark understand that merely reducing the overall number of abortions is NOT a Christian’s goal.

Our goal is to tell the truth about sin and immorality, and then let the chips fall where they may.

To help him wrap his mind around the problem with LEGALIZING something we know to be immoral, I asked him this question, repeatedly:

Would you “decriminalize” (legalize) rape, if it caused the numbers of rapes to go down?

As you can imagine, that question made him very uncomfortable, and he never really answered it. (You can click on the link above to read the dialog–which continued into the comment section.)

Unfortunately, it turns out that angry, God-hating Atheists are not the only ones who think it’s okay to support murder. Even some Christians believe the end-justifies-the-means.

Their reasoning goes like this: if the raw number of abortions goes down when a Democrat is in the Oval Office, then I should vote for the Pro-Abortion party in order to slow the occurrences of abortion!

If you see this type of justification from Pragmatic Christians, you can try using my question on them, too.

Ask Christians if they would vote for the Pro-Rape Party, if someone convinced them it would statistically reduce the number of reported rapes.

Perhaps you will see this cluster of statistics making it’s way around the internet…

Sorry it’s blurry. This is a screenshot of a photo.

If someone explains that they’re voting for Democrats because the best way to reduce abortions is by supporting abortions, then you can have this conversation:

Start with this question…
Wait for “Red” to respond, like she did here.
I rephrased my question, and then Red turned it around again.
Just keep repeating the question to find out whether these Pro-Choicers will take their reasoning to the logical conclusion…

Now, it bears mentioning the misleading nature of the original statistics. You can’t calculate effects of abortion policy from looking at how many total abortions occurred during each party’s occupation of the White House. You have to look at State and local government make-up. You have to look at which policies were actually signed into law. You can to consider whether there was a war or natural disaster, which could effect the economy… and a hundred other variables!

In fact, even SNOPES (which is a left-leaning website) has debunked the claim that abortions fall during Democratic presidencies and rise during Republican ones.

But the trustworthiness of the numbers doesn’t really matter, if we’re dealing with a bunch of Christians who admit they are willing to tell little “white lies” when they think it’s going to get the result they want. If a Christian believes it’s okay to ally themselves with Death and Rape–then they won’t mind sharing a meme that uses manipulated math, either!

So, first you need to determine whether they care about the truth.

Let’s assume the abortion rate DOES go down, when we make it totally legal to kill your baby. And let’s assume the rate of sexual assault goes down when we make tell men it’s “their body; their choice”…

Does that mean it’s okay to legalize Immorality?

As a quick addendum, I’m concerned that Christians don’t value the Truth as much as they once did. When my sister was getting married, one of the church ladies actually told her, “You can’t tell your husband what you really think! You need to make him believe it’s his idea!”

My sister pushed back by saying, “I’d rather not make things complicated with my husband; I’ll tell him the truth because it’s better than playing mind games.”

And the Church Lady replied, “Oh, honey, I haven’t managed to stay married for more than 35 years by telling the truth!”

I’m concerned that this isn’t being called for what it really is, in Christian circles: this is LYING and MANIPULATION.

This “strategy” of telling your husbands whatever you have to tell them, to control their behavior, is LYING and MANIPULATION.

This “strategy” of telling your children whatever you have to tell them, to control their sexual behavior, is LYING and MANIPULATION.

And the “strategy” of voting for the Pro-Murder party or the Pro-Rape party, because you think you will get the results you want in the end, is LYING and MANIPULATION.

Keep in mind that some Christian women have been getting away with this for decades. It could help explain why they are making a simple thing so complicated in voting for the Pro-Abortion party (while still claiming to be against abortion).

Well, for some of them, their actions haven’t matched their words for over 35 years.

And they believe that’s what Jesus would do!