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My First Vlog Post!

Several weeks back, I wrote about the Mommy Wars, and I suggested maybe we’re looking for conflict when the real battle is happening deep inside insecure, American women.   I believe we have created a culture of easily-offended, “dirty-minded” individuals who see wars around every corner, but we’re not solving the root problem by learning to take criticism well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get lots and lots of feedback from the original post (which you can read here).  So I decided to talk about the Mommy Wars and the subject of my first vlog.

Tell me what you think!  Is it easier to track my off-the-wall ideas this way? Or even more confusing than a long-winded article?  Should I try more of this in the future?

On Demand

I give water to my daughter whenever she asks.

Water is good for her. Actually, it’s necessary for life. So, I’d rather give her lots and lots of water than the empty calories that come from sugary juices.

All she has to do is say the word, and I’ll get some water for her. Right away. (She’s not used to the word “wait.”  And why should she need to be?)

It’s important for all of my kids to develop trust in me fully. They have to know that I’m safe, and that I will always meet their needs. For these reasons, I’ve been practicing On-Demand-Watering since she quit nursing at 68 months. (Before that, of course, she got breastmilk any time she wanted.)

That sad day, when I thought our bonding time was over, I suddenly realized I don’t want my child to believe I’ve stopped meeting her needs, just because we’re finished with the boob. She still needs to know I love her unconditionally…

Why would I start telling her “no” after almost six years following her lead?

Anyway, I’m happy to discuss my choice with anybody who wants to be positive–but no judgment, please!  It’s really none of your business how I choose to parent.  What do you care, if I cut you off mid-sentence when Little Girl taps me on the leg, and I immediately rush to find a tap or cup for her?

I really don’t get why a thirsty child causes so much controversy.

And don’t even tell me that you have the right to get involved–just because I want government funding to install drinking fountains every 50 feet in public places.  Show some respect for my choices! It’s hard enough raising kids, without having to fight for every, single right…

I must have forgotten to take a stranger’s opinion into account before nourishing my child!!!

(*sigh*) I’m sorry, it’s just not about you.  It’s about my babies–the loves of my life.  When they need water, they should get it, whether you agree or not.   And believe me, it’s worth it. My daughter knows she never has to ask twice.

When I tell the ladies on Militant Milk Mamas about how much I love my daughter, they are very impressed.  Most of them agree with me. They also want their children to feel safe and loved and happy–by giving them unlimited power in a certain area.

Those kids get the message: there is nothing more important than you, little darlings.


I don’t see how it could possibly backfire.

They will get their water anytime and any place, regardless of the circumstances, come Hell or high water.  (And Hell WILL come, if somebody tries to keep me from satiating my baby girl.)

All she has to do is demand.

Inspirational Posters: My Hat Tip to Carol Rossetti.

You’ve probably seen Carol Rossetti‘s posters, even if you don’t recognize her name.

When you type Carol Rossetti into Google, you’ll get DOZENS of hits, and her work has become popular enough to be translated into several languages (from their original, Portuguese).

Here’s one:

Body Hair

And another…


And another…

Old Lady Bikini

And one more…

Rossetti Lesbian

I assume you get the idea.  But, if you’d like to see more of these encouraging and empowering and uplifting posters, there are tons of them.  They’re all chock full of love and you-go-girls.

Eventually, seeing them shared all over Facebook put me in the mood to create, too!

I noticed there have been several types of women not yet represented in this series. (Though I’m sure Ms. Rossetti will get to them eventually). So, I decided to help out by adding some inspirational stories based on women in my life…

For your viewing pleasure, here are SEVEN CAROL ROSSETTI-INSPIRED STORIES of women you could meet on the street.  Let’s stand in support of these ladies!

Meet Juana:

Juana has the confidence that only comes from Truth…

Here’s Dorothy:

Looking good wearing that discernment!

This is Bonnie:

Blog Project (1)

A private moment between mother and baby.

Be Inspired by Tabby:

Not worthy of a parade–but there’s plenty of room for pride!

Hello, Mrs Doe:

Blog Project (4)

The Doe Legacy will Last forever…

Megan is a Real Woman, too!

Blog Project (5)

Megan’s efforts are paying off! Isn’t she beautiful?

And finally, let’s hear it for Caroline!

Blog Project (7)

Pure inspiration.


Isn’t it great when we can encourage other women with  positive messages?




So, who else needs to be represented in this collection? What stories still need to be told?  Surely, between Ms. Rossetti and I, we can support every, single woman in the entire world–no matter what her background and beliefs, right?

…and that’s the most important thing.  To tell every, single woman in the world, “Keep doing/thinking/feeling whatever you want. ANYTHING goes, you strong, brave thing!!!”

Another Mission for the Motherhood Mafia

Apparently, the police officer I wrote about recently isn’t the only career woman struggling to get her boss to recognize the Power of Motherhood.  A lawyer from Atlanta, Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle, recently asked for a special schedule change to accommodate her maternity leave…and the judge said NO!

This obviously caused some outrage.

Only bitter misogynists say “no” to new mothers.

According to Ms. Ehrisman-Mickle, when she agreed to represent a new client, she knew the hearing conflicted with her maternity leave. But she was SURE she could convince the judge to delay it out of respect for her newest job: mommy-ing.  (After all, several other judges had already shaped up and told her “yes, yes, yes!”)

So, just why was this so difficult for Judge Pelletier to do? Why did he tell her “The hearing was scheduled before you took the case. We’re not delaying it now.” ?

This isn’t complicated, Judge. When a woman decides to have babies, she has the right to start making special demands in her workplace. If a certain change would make things easier for her, then it needs to happen. Period. Thus goes the old saying: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the courtroom.”

Because of Judge Pelletier’s refusal to follow Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle’s original plan–she had no choice but to bring her newborn with her to the hearing, strapped to her chest, and crying periodically.   Then, to top it all off, the judge called her out for being “unprofessional” by bringing a small child to work!

Can you believe it?

In Stacy Ehrisman-Mickle’s own words, she was embarrassed when the judge scolded her. Embarrassed!

In my opinion, that’s really all you need to know to conclude this calls for action! Mothers everywhere must unite with that power and energy that only comes from a group of women feeling really badly about somebody’s feelings.

We need to tell Judge Pelletier his conduct was wrong–and hope that he thinks twice before ever speaking to a mother again without saying, “Yes! And is there anything else I can do for you?”

Maybe we can lobby to pass “Stacy’s Law”  (or “Law of the Hyphenated Last Names”, to include most of the other feminists suing their employers), and make it a federal offense to ask a female to change plans when she really, really, really thought her original one would work.

Oh, and we can start a support group, too! That way we can remind each other every day how right we are about everything.  Truly, the miracle of childbirth.


You’ll be sorry, Judge Pelletier–you baby-hating, feelings-hurting, chauvinist pig!  If you didn’t want a baby crying in your courtroom, you should have done what Ms. Ehrisman-Mickle wanted. You should have known her question (“can we move the hearing?”) was only a formality.

SHE’S in charge…

And, now you’ve waged war with the Motherhood Mafia.

Apologize for Giving Me This Child!

So, a couple of white lesbians wanted to raise children together. And, since Mother Nature didn’t give them all the necessarily tools, they decided to take matters into their own hands…

Cue the sperm bank.

Unfortunately (?) the couple was shocked when they discovered one of them was inseminated by a black man’s sperm by mistake…

A short video interview is here.

She’s crying.  Doesn’t it break your heart?  Really, who WOULDN’T be upset if they ordered one baby and ended up with another one?

I hate when my plans get messed up, too.

These women spent a year flipping through that catalog to find the perfect bottle of baby juice–only to have the God Factory mess up everything.

Ms. and Ms. Cramblett’s two-year-old daughter was a horrible mistake.  

Some interesting quotes:

-“I can’t let them do this to another family.”

-“I love my daughter…wouldn’t change it for the world…but…”

-“I’m not going to let this happen again. I’m not going to sit back and let this happen to anyone else EVER again…”

-“[the sperm bank offered] no sorry. No accountability… take ownership of what you did! Stand up and say…say…this is what we did…”

It seems Ms. Cramblett struggled to find the right words–using vague descriptions like “this” and “that” instead.  But I’ll spell it out for her:  She wants the Sperm Bank to apologize because SHE GOT THE WRONG BABY.  

When a modern woman and her lesbian partner order man parts over the phone, they expect a certain quality control in the matter.  (As their lawyer implied–it ought to be at least as reliable as pizza delivery, since the process is the same.)

A mother needs to know in advance whether her child’s hair will require a special barber, ya know?

Come on, People. This is 2014. We ought to have an adequate substitute for a father by now. How’s that going to happen, unless sperm banks across the country get their act together?

Accountability now!!!  Share this post to get the word out. No family should have to raise a child they didn’t carefully plan and prepare for.  The Sperm Bank needs to apologize to Payton’s mothers–because Payton never should have been born.