Take Every Thought Captive

I’ve started a project…
Whenever I notice a negative/unlovely/untruthful thought, I write it down. And then I write a lovely, true, righteous thought to counter it. (Some of these were contributed by my children, as well.)


“I don’t want to do school.”

—–School and other work helps our brains grow.

“I’m already tired thinking about tomorrow.”

—–God gives me grace for today.

“My kid dropped garlic butter on the floor. Of course! I just mopped!”

—–Messes are evidence that life is being lived and growth is happening.

“I might not sleep tonight… it might be worse than last night. Things always get worse.”

—–We count our trials as joy. God knows what I need.

“My husband hasn’t been much help today.”

—–He helps whenever I ask, and he’s not at fault for my mood.

“I empty these trash cans every day. It never ends.”

—–Thank God for work to do. I choose to do my work with joy.

“This is the worst day ever.”

—–God makes each day, and even when it doesn’t feel good, we will praise him.

“Life is unfair; I don’t get what I want.”

—–I will get busy serving others, which leads to blessings.

“I want this to be over. I’d be better off dead.”

—–God has a purpose for this and work for me to do.

“There’s no point being happy…every time, it just leads to dissatisfaction/disappointment later.”

—–Every feeling is temporary. That includes negative ones. The negative feelings will pass.

“Nothing will help.”

—–Even little changes in thought and behavior can have big impacts.

“I’m going to miss my chance to recover or not recognize positive changes if/when they happen.”

—–That’s why we’re practicing taking our thoughts captive!

“I’m growing weary in doing good.”

—–God is answering my prayer for growth/change.

“I don’t believe in miraculous healing.”

—–Actually, yes, I do. I believe pretty much everything about life is miraculous.

“My body feels borken and untrustworthy.”

—–God is trusthworthy.

“I probably have some serious chemical problem.”

—–Just because something is possibly true (or even probably true), that does not make it REALLY, actually true.

“I need to know how this works out.”

—–Don’t worry about tomorrow; it will worry about itself.

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