Seriously, New Girl, You Don’t Want Me to Get Angry…

It’s an odd time to be a woman in this culture.  We’re being told how oppressive the Patriarchal system is and how difficult it is for women to have their voices heard…but we’re being told these things by dozens of women speaking at huge conferences and promoting their BEST-SELLING BOOKS.

Think about that for a second.

How long are women going to enjoy having the loudest voices in the culture before they realize the Patriarchy isn’t holding them back at all?

Or maybe they already know they are fueling gender wars by tackling a problem that doesn’t exist, but they just don’t care because being a “Jesus Feminist” gives them the kind of power and attention they want?

It’s a publisher’s dream:  a woman who grew up in the church and now leans politically Left. They can write things like “unexpected” and “fresh” on the book cover!

They know how to promote a Liberal Christian because they’ve done it over and over and over and over and over and over.

Let’s list the female authors who’ve somehow managed to convince readers they are unique, shall we?

-Glennon Doyle

-Jen Hatmaker

-Rachel Held Evans

-Sarah Bessey

-Nadia Bolz-Weber

-Anne LaMott

-Jory Micah, apparently.

(What? You’ve never heard of the last one?  I hadn’t either, until her promoted ads started appearing in my Facebook feed last night.  But I’ll come back to that.)

Ladies–we need to talk.

We need to discuss the fact that men aren’t the ones regularly elevating themselves to places of power by speaking on MY behalf…   

You are. 

Men aren’t the ones leading the discussion on families/relationships using outdated social justice philosophies as their justification.

You are.

(Althought Rob Bell and John Pavlovitz are happy to join you.)

The loudest voices are yours.  YOUR books and blog posts and conferences, worth millions of dollars, are absolutely dominating the Christian culture, and you’re drowning out those of us who have something different to say.

Of course, you still talk about male-dominated systems because it’s a talking point that sells.   But you’re cutting off and shouting above a rising number of female critics who are figuring out what’s happening here.

We don’t like being used.


You female authors, with your pop-psych advice and a spritz of Christianese flavor, I see what you’re doing.  You are winning in the marketing arena.

There’s no sound doctrine in what you say or write. You are led by feelings rather than critical thought.  And you have created an almost-impenetrable wall around yourselves based on the lie that anyone who judges you is a hater…but whenever YOU judge someone, your anger is righteous and just.

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate perfectly:

10.6.18 Get Angry


I thought about censoring the names of the women in this conversation. But then I realized, this page was being PROMOTED IN MY NEWSFEED.  Surely Jory Micah won’t mind if I share her opinions with my readers, because what she has to say is so damn* important!

(*Please note: I’m speaking the language of the Edgy-Girl-With-A-Church-Background. Now I just need to wait to be contacted by an agent.) 😉

Get angry, she says.  Let your Righteous Anger rage! Never mind what the Bible says about human anger NEVER leading to righteousness…  Anyone who dares quote from the book of James is a misogynist, probably.

They say they want anger–but what they really want is agreement. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you try to offer constructive criticism to one of the women on that list?

I bet you you’ll end up being accused of  “mocking” or “judging” or just “trying to bring them down.”

10.6.18 Get Angry (1)

I bet you’ll be told you’re not acting very Christlike when you try to hold a Jesus Feminist accountable for HER bad behavior.

She will decide exactly when and why a person is allowed to be angry, thank you very much.  🙂

I’m very familiar with this type of “Sheology,” so I don’t have much hope for a level-headed conversation about doctrine.  It’s difficult engaging with individuals who are always ready to accuse others of “intellectualism,” as if being smart is a bad thing.  I’ll save myself some frustration and just avoid anyone who openly admits her litmus test when judging me is her own feelings, rather than an objectively sound argument in pursuit of TRUTH.

So, the only truth arrow I’ll attempt to send into Feminist Fortess is this one:  you don’t speak for us. 

Hey–new girl–you don’t speak for me.  You shattered that glass steeple years ago, and now you’re holding broken shards to the necks of innocent men, while you indulge your carnal temper fits…

You think anger is a good way to get attention? Okay.  Well, I’m pretty angry myself.

But I’m still working on patience and self-control. (You know? Fruits of the Spirit?)  So I’m not just going to explode all over you and then ask my logical husband to rationalize it later.

If you’ll kindly stop lecturing about how abused American women are for just a second, I hope you’ll hear THIS American woman say very clearly: you’re the one doing much of the abusing.

Teaching women to follow their “intuition.” Teaching women to identify as victims. Teaching them to put their trust in social movements rather than thousands of years of Christian philosophy about the mind and heart….?  (Mind=good. Heart=wicked.  Sorry.)

The message you’re sending is wrong, and you’re hurting people.

On the plus side, you’ve helpfully admitted that logic isn’t your strong suit, so I don’t have to bother building a rational case.    I’ll simply ask that you stop calling yourself an advocate for women, because I’m a woman, and I feel that you’re doing more damage than you realize.

As I sit here, looking at my list of rich, powerful female leaders, God has laid something on my heart which I need to share:

For the sake of our Savior and of the people being led astray by the abundance of poor reasoning in your superficial books, please…

Please stop promoting yourself, girls.

Please take an antacid for whatever is bubbling deep down inside that causes you to write the stupid and irresponsible things you put on social media.

And please stop talking and writing until you have something reasonable to say.

3 thoughts on “Seriously, New Girl, You Don’t Want Me to Get Angry…

  1. Joel

    Doesn’t Ephesians also say to be angry, but sin not? I don’t know what all is being promoted by those people you mentioned, but it seems to me that even a cursory glance at history makes it rather obvious that there’s a long history of women getting the short end of the stick (to put it mildly).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      The Bible says “In your anger, don’t sin: don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” Combine that with “The anger of man doesn’t lead to God’s righteousness” and “get rid of all bitterness, rage, and malice” (which is the last verse in that chapter you quoted) and it’s pretty clear that God isn’t the one stoking fires to mobilize political bases.

      If you don’t know what’s being promoted, be careful defending it.

      Liked by 1 person

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