If You’d Like Me to Join Your Fight

Some Pro-Abortion activists gathered at the Statehouse in Indianapolis this week, and many of them referenced Ruth Bader Ginsberg in their chants and signs. Ginsberg once said, “Fight for the things you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

With this in mind, and for those who are upset about the overturn of Roe V. Wade and are wondering how they could inspire me to join them, here are some things I look for when deciding which team I want to fight on:

#1. Know your medical history. For example–when you say “Abortion is healthcare,” you must also know that lobotomies were once considered healthcare. Until as recently as 1941, highly educated doctors still recommended this procedure, which removed chunks of people’s brains in order to “treat” their mental illnesses. In the same vein, standard healthcare practices have included using leeches and recommending that pregnant women take up cigarette smoking to control their weight-gain. As far as surgeries similar to abortion, we currently have MDs in this country voluntarily removing healthy organs in patients who “feel” like they were meant to be the opposite gender. This is what happens when we confuse imperfect physicians with the Perfect God.

If you want me to join your team and fight beside you, then you must understand that right and wrong aren’t determined by people who wear scrubs.

#2. Be Honest. If you start regularly use terms like “products of conception” or “termination of gestation” in order to sound smart–you’re actually hiding the truth behind complex language (possibly on purpose?) The healthcare system depends on INFORMED consent. But–if a 20 year old girl doesn’t realize that “products of conception” is medical jargon for “fluid similar to your period, mixed with bits of your deceased fetus’ body”–then how can she consent to the procedure? If she doesn’t understand your legalese, then you’re not informing her completely.
Words are meant to help us understand reality better… Many Pro-Abortion activists love to use the most obscure, scientific textbook terminology, but they’re uncomfortable with–let’s say–showing a picture of an-8-week-old embryo inside its mother’s wedding ring.

This is because they’re using words to COVER UP the reality of Life in the womb…not to make things clearer. If you say that abortion is “ending a pregnancy” because it’s less direct than admitting abortion means “ending the life of the embryo,” then that’s dishonesty.

If you want me to join your team and fight beside you, then you must speak plainly about what really happens during an abortion.

#3. Know your Social History. There are some fights through our civil history that cannot be treated as “agree to disagree” situations. The Southerners in the 1800s firmly believed the government was interfering with their property rights. (“My land; my choice.”) And they told the Northerners it was a personal decision whether or not to own slaves–so, if they disagreed, they could simply choose NOT to own them. Does that sound like familiar reasoning? Can we think of a group of people in the country TODAY who use the same argument to justify taking another human’s life, while telling the rest of the country to mind their own business? Well, thankfully, the abolitionists of yesterday understood that when Americans are beating and selling people like cattle, that’s everybody’s business. And, when you are poisoning and chopping up tiny, growing humans like weeds, that’s everybody’s business, too.

If you want me to join your team and fight beside you, then you must understand your “freedoms” and personal “rights” do not come above a slave’s or a baby’s right to be treated with human dignity.

#4. Have respect for ALL human life. Whenever I try to have a conversation with a Pro-Abortion activist, someone shows up with the personal attacks. It never fails. Sometimes they are over-the-top aggressive. (Like the many times I’ve been stalked in my private messages by people telling me I should die, or I deserve to have my kids taken away.) Other times, they are more subtle, like this pretty standard jab.

Personally, I think it would have been better to stick with “no words,” rather than use the dismissive line “some girl named Amanda.” I can’t help but think of the plantation owners who were intentionally condescending to the female slaves when they called them “girl.” These were black daughters and sisters and wives and mothers. They were strong, family-loving, God-fearing individuals with stories far more complex than what the word “girl” fairly conveys. Yet they were reduced to the status of “some girl,” by cruel masters, who wanted them to believe they were small and insignificant.

Today, Feminists often think of a pro-life mother, sister, or daughter as “some girl” who isn’t worth the time to get to know. But, it’s not surprising, when they see millions of dead fetuses as “clumps of cells.” Once we begin practicing dehumanization, it’s hard to make it stop…

If you want me to join your team and fight with you, then you’ll need to demonstrate respect for every unique human being–both inside and outside the womb.

There are other qualities I could add to this list. But this is a good start for any Feminist who wants to make Ruth Bader Ginsberg proud. RBG recommended that her fans take a look at their tactics and make sure they’re fighting in attractive ways! But, right now, Feminists tend to fight in such a way that history will remember their practices the way we remember lobotomies and Southern “Property Rights” activists shouting “My Land; my choice.” Instead of wanting to join them, the world is beginning to evolve past those barbaric, dehumanizing beliefs about the so-called “right” to end a life.


5 thoughts on “If You’d Like Me to Join Your Fight

  1. sklyjd

    It is far more involved than anti or pro-abortion. far more judgement in the name of humanity is required especially when a child or a mentally handicapped woman is forced to full term or the pregnant woman who makes a bad decision and the baby dies in the womb, is she to be charged with manslaughter etc?

    As I have blogged previously, If Americans were truly pro-life why has nothing been done about the gun laws to prevent children from being murdered in their schools.


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