Homeschooling Sucks (like Gardening)

Did you know there are some weirdos living among us who actually ENJOY growing their own food? I’m serious! They call themselves “gardeners.” It’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen:

These gluttons for punishment volunteer to wrestle with weeds and bugs and all the elements for months upon months at a time, just for the pleasure of picking, preparing, canning, and storing their harvests–quickly, before it’s time to DO IT ALL AGAIN next season! 

Personally, I’m like, “Why go through all of that labor, when I can drive to the store and buy the veggies that someone else grew?” (That’s literally how I feel about gardening. Like, I’m laughing, but I’m not kidding.)

But I am the product of the Convenience Generation, so my low tolerance for hard work shouldn’t be very surprising. 

* My peers and I are proud of our ability to streamline and automate everything. * 

I throw my dishes into a machine, and they come out washed.  I throw my clothes into a machine, and they come out washed. I tell my phone what to put on my grocery list, and it does it. (And, when I add those things to my Click List, someone else puts them in the back of my car.)

* We have machines and apps and pills to accomplish every goal. *

So– I COMPLETELY understand the desire to drop a kid off at a government school machine and expecting them to pop out “educated.”

I COMPLETELY understand viewing homeschool families with the same confusion (almost pity) that I have when I look at “Gardeners.” They seem to enjoy doing things the hardest way possible. If they weren’t such weirdos, they could simply go to the store and buy an education that works fine. 

If someone invited me to learn more about gardening, canning, and homesteading, I would be like, “Meh…that’s great for you guys! But it doesn’t fit my lifestyle.”  

We’re just not that family.
We have different hobbies.

I’m sure that’s how many people feel when I offer to show them how to get started with homeschooling. 

They think I ENJOY pretending to be Amish, but their modern convenience education works well enough.

…except it’s not working. Not at all. 

It turns out, kids weren’t made to be treated like products on an assembly line. Looking for the cheapest, easiest, least-time-consuming education hasn’t done them any favors.

Math and literacy skills are dropping. The government is becoming more and more tyrannical. Unions continue demanding more pay for teachers, while refusing to accept any responsibility for failing students. And when parents try to stand up and take control, they are called “terrorists” and told to stay in their lane.  

Educating our children isn’t supposed to be a hobby that only a few people enjoy. Teaching children is the God-ordained responsibility of EVERY parent, even when it’s not fun or convenient. 

I do it even though it SUCKS.

When you’re ready to learn how to take charge of your child’s education, reach out to me.

It’s a ton of work, season after season. But the harvest will be huge.

8 thoughts on “Homeschooling Sucks (like Gardening)

  1. Silence of Mind

    Excellent post! And how timely!

    By great fortune, I was able to get with some mamma and papa bears to found a private school. Economically, it is tough because, as with most small enterprises, it starts out on a shoe string. And schools are regulated out the wazzoo so we have to tow the line if we are to get accredited by the state.

    You are so on the money about the dire need for all caring parents to get their children out of the public school system. For me, the public schools were intolerable back in the 1990’s when I was a teacher. It is so much worse now. Children are indoctrinated with Marxist filth and brutally abused with Wuhan flu mandates. It’s terrible!

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  2. sklyjd

    Sounds like the American milk and honey dreams are all falling apart in your state Amanda. The best country in the world is often claimed and it appears your country cannot offer a decent basic education for your children. What is the problem, are the teachers not trained properly in the US? English, maths, science and history with some art and physical sports should set any kid up for the future, that’s all we had and if the parents wanted something more for their kids they paid somebody privately to do it after school hours, do you not have that ability?


    1. Randy Epps

      In America, the government was not designed to educate the nation.
      The problem arises when the government thinks it can.
      Or should.
      The bigger problem arises when the people give over the ecducation of their children to the government.

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