Vigilante Violence Being Praised… By Conservatives

If you haven’t heard, a father was convicted of murder in Spokane Washington.

John Eisenman dropped a cinder block on his daughter’s boyfriend’s head, and then stabbed him several times and left his body to rot in a car for over a year. Eisenman says he did it because the boyfriend sex-trafficked his daughter… But we won’t know whether there’s evidence to corroborate that, because he took the law into his own hands rather than allowing for a trial.

“Police said Eisenman learned in October 2020 that his juvenile daughter had been sex trafficked in the Seattle area and ‘obtained information’ that her boyfriend was responsible, according to the press release. Eisenman was able to rescue his daughter and get her back to Spokane that same month, police said. When the father learned that his daughter’s boyfriend was going to be at a location in Airway Heights, Eisenman drove there and waited for the 19-year-old to arrive. During that encounter Eisenman abducted the victim, tying him up and placing him in the trunk of a vehicle. Eisenman subsequently assaulted the victim by hitting him in the head with a cinder block and then stabbed him repeatedly, causing his death.” 

What’s most frustrating about this story is the way typically law-abiding Conservatives are suddenly praising a vigilante as a hero.

I guess they see the word “father” and immediately identify with THE MURDERER rather than identifying with the father of the boy who was killed without due process? I don’t know. But I’m getting pretty wary of one-sided perspectives like these:

So, after reading literally HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS defending this behavior, and zero comments pointing out that laws exist for a reason, I decided I need to help my Conservative friends think through this issue a little more.

First of all, I can see why the daughter hooked up with her low-life boyfriend in the first place.

Clearly, she has been taught that violence is what men do when they’re “protecting” her. She probably felt right at home with a boy who proved his love by behaving lawlessly. That’s exactly what her daddy does!

This mindless, vengeance-seeking is exactly what’s wrong with places like Chicago, where everyone with a weapon views himself as an Independent Law-Giver. Every night, the bodies pile up because someone “defended” his honor with a murderous impulsivity.

I thought we were better, Conservatives. 🙄

Just watch a prison documentary for five minutes.

Every, single Impulsive Male behind bars will tell you he was just being a Protector.

Please tell me the difference between a man defending his bio-family’s honor and a man defending his street-family’s honor?… In both cases, they think they’re being loyal, self-sacrificial, and courageous.

Seriously, how is it different?

Yes, I am absolutely saying fathers who kill and gang members who kill are the SAME THING.

In fact, if my dad had been an impulsive, violent meathead who solved his problems with knives and guns, I probably would have run off with a violent boyfriend, too.

Thankfully, rather than being an unrestrained thug who killed first and asked questions later, my father was a wise and temperate man who held himself to the same moral standards as everyone else. Oh sure, sometimes he was righteously angry. Sometimes he disciplined his children.

But, rather than modeling hot-headedness (which the Bible calls “foolish”), my dad was able to show us how to take a breath and tackle problems in a reasonable manner.

My dad knew, logically, that going to prison for a rash decision wasn’t going to help any of us.

If men want to protect their families, they need to understand something about feminine emotionalism and masculine strength. That is: it’s a chick thing to freak out and kill someone in a fit of passion.

*shrug * I’m probably upsetting both men and women with that statement, but I don’t really care. The fact is, women are more likely to make big decisions based on emotional impulses. It’s a masculine trait to pause and consider before acting. (That’s when their angry wives scream at the husbands for “being passive.”)

What women and children actually need from a father figures is cool, unshakeable leadership. We need someone to be reasonable when our emotions are threatening to make us act stupid. We need someone to apply the brakes and say, “Hang on–let’s be smart about this.”

A man who sees red and explodes is nothing more than a muscular child. There’s nothing comforting about being “protected” by a dude who is a enslaved to his own feelings.

Murderers are not heroes, even when they identify as Family Men. This guy is just a desperate dude with Big Feelings and a cinder block.

Conservatives: we HAVE TO stop with the eye-for-eye prison mentality and break the cycle of glorifying revenge.

Do you think we should apply the death penalty for rapists? Fine! But there has to be a process for dealing with the accused in court. Surgeons aren’t even allowed to operate on their own children because their emotions can’t be trusted. Yet we think we’re going to let parents be the judge and jury in a case like this?

That’s absurd.

I don’t trust emotional fathers to make sound decisions with deadly weapons. But, if I ever get the urge to live in a neighborhood where “real men” take the law into their own hands, I’ll go ahead and move to Chicago… I hear there are LOTS of “good fathers” up there, who are simply the victims of an unfair justice system.

6 thoughts on “Vigilante Violence Being Praised… By Conservatives

  1. sklyjd

    Good post Amanda. Society is good at knee jerking with uninformed and bias comments that in turn create momentum for many others to jump on board. This tough manly attitude is exactly one good reason why us Aussies have gun laws.


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Good comment! And you’re exactly right! Aussies have gun laws because someone argued it was going to be a solution for bad behavior, and it gained momentum among the uninformed! Even Atheists with no reason to believe that murder is bad could suddenly get on board with gun laws, to stop those bad Primates from doing what primates do in nature when they get mad at another Primate.

      Way to go, Australia!


  2. oneta hayes

    I’m curious, did Aussie and/or Atheists get rid of cinder blocks, too? I came over because your reasoning the meme today was so rational. I thought it was against painting with one brush a whole group of people. Here it looks like you are doing just that! Ho, ho, I like folks who are bold enough to jump off the fence in one direction or the other! It sounds like we both had great fathers; we are blessed.


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Just to be clear, I was being sarcastic above–when replying to another commenter about Australia…

      No, Australia hasn’t outlawed cinderblocks. 😊 But I doubt my Atheist readers will address that.


  3. Joseph

    Hmm. It seems you too are making judgments asked on assumptions of the father based on the police report and not hearing the full trial.

    “Yes, I am absolutely saying fathers who kill and gang members who kill are the SAME THING.” You equivocated here. Does God’s law forbid all acts of killing or acts of unjust killing? It only forbids acts of unjust killing. Please read the story of Abraham and when his nephew Lot was kidnapped. A father who kills a person for doing something God calls evil and worthy of death (when the unjust justice system fails to do so and only gives a slap on the wrist) is far different than most gang killings. Most of which are not revenge killings, kidnaps, or rapes. Equivocating is not good logic and perverts God’s righteous laws.


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Sorry for the confusion… 😊
      But you took that sentence out of it’s context. The paragraph before explains that everyone BELIEVES their act of killing is justified:

      “Please tell me the difference between a man defending his bio-family’s honor and a man defending his street-family’s honor?… In both cases, they think they’re being loyal, self-sacrificial, and courageous. Seriously, how is it different?”

      Pretty much every human on the planet thinks he’s the Good Guy and that his actions are endorsed by God.

      I wasn’t trying to say there is no such thing as a righteous killing. I’m trying to say that Revenge Killers of all types BELIEVE they are righteous in their actions.
      Nobody likes having to stop and think about what makes an angry father different from a Mob Boss, so I get it. Our first instinct is to fantasize this is a movie and cheer for the guy we identify as a hero. But, when we start hunting down our neighbors and telling ourselves it’s okay because we can just claim to be doing it “to protect my family’s honor” we have a lot in common with pretty much everyone with a long prison career.

      Again, sorry for the confusion. Fathers and gang members who kill are exactly the same in their view of themselves as the Good Guys and the Arbitrators of Justice. Therefore, BOTH should go to trial so a jury can determine whether their actions actually were justified. (And–as you’ve said–in most cases they are not.)



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