The Government is a Controlling Husband, and Christians are Defending Him…

I’ve gotten myself in trouble many times when discussing sacrifice and submission in the context of Christian marriages.

I’m told that quoting Scripture only “perpetuates abuse,” because countless men have used the Bible to keep their wives enslaved.

Apparently, we shouldn’t encourage Christian women to assume the best of their husbands and to cooperate with their husbands. We should NOT use the word “selfish” to describe a woman’s feelings, even if it appears her husband is only trying to balance what’s best for the whole family, with no respect in return.

Yet, when it comes to our Collective, Federal Husband–(that is to say, the U.S. Government)–suddenly the Bible verses about Submission are coming back into style.

Themes like “learning obedience through suffering” and “submitting to governing authorities” and being “content in all circumstances” are getting passed around on social media as if we didn’t have a ready excuse for ignoring all of them, like, a year ago, when we attended the Women’s March.

If the same people who are trying to liberate women from their husband’s yolk could ALSO speak out against the Domineering Governors taking away Americans’ rights, that would be great.

I don’t see the point of dismantling Christian Authoritarianism just to promote the State version. 

Oh, I know there are people being abused worse than Americans currently are. But why does that make the Controlling Behavior okay?

And I know Governors are abusing multiple thousands of people all at once, rather than a single wife… But doesn’t that actually make it WORSE?

Yes–I know the government leaders claim they have good intentions and that they need to tighten their grip because their beloved citizens are too stupid to take care of themselves, so it’s our fault they have to get mad.    …But, haven’t we learned how to see through the argument “I control you because I love you,” by now?

It’s maddening.

Some of the same people who chirp about how religion creates passive victims are suddenly embracing that strategy!

Now they’re the ones saying, “It’s not for us to resist those God has put over us, for our protection.”

It’s as if they don’t hate oppression in general…they only hate when it comes from a certain source… When a priest burdens us with crushing laws, he’s a “Pharisee.” But when politicians take over, praise God!

Unfortunately, many American Christians only have experience fighting power in very specific circumstances.

When a husband is making his wife feel bad:  THAT’S ABUSE!  (And when anyone encourages the wife to read the Bible and bring her feelings into submission, that’s even more abuse.)

But, when the Government plays the role of the Overbearing Husband, we sure do bend over backwards to explain why it’s not the same…

Here’s what I hope we all can agree on eventually (if we take a break from preaching about “contentment” for two seconds):

It’s wrong for a man to elevate himself to a place of unchecked power–eroding his wife’s God-given rights and Lording his will over her.

And it is also wrong when the “husband” takes the form of Government leaders who claim the authority to “suspend” the God-given rights of their citizens.

We absolutely should push back against any person who uses religious arguments to justify ungodly Power Grabs.   And that goes especially for your friends on Facebook who are armed with dusty Bibles and preaching about “submission” for the first time in their entire lives.