Even Holier Than Thou

Sometimes church people will invite each other to say nice things about going to church.

They might ask, “Where do you go to church?…and what do you like about it?”

My own reason for going is pretty simple: we’re a family, and family is forever.  Even when we don’t LIKE each other, that’s just too bad. But, to spin the concept slightly more positively, I’ll say it like this:

Mainly, what I like about church is that it’s full of people for whom Christ died. 

Yes, I get annoyed with the shallow sermons.  Yes, the contrived “programs” make me cringe.  Yes, song lyrics seem to get stupider every, single year. And, if that’s not bad enough, I have to sit near people who might hold a grudge and gossip about me just because I said those things…

But, maddeningly, JESUS LOVES THOSE PEOPLE who think differently from me.  Together, we are Christ’s Bride–and He is purifying us for his glory, with every week we struggle to figure out how to get along…

I like going to church because it forces me to wrestle with my pride. It helps me remember that I’m not better than any of the annoying, weak-willed fools who attend there.

If I don’t spend time being challenged to love my brothers and sisters, I’ll become something self-centered and unlovable myself…

Quite frankly, I don’t want to start sounding like this prideful person (and the “millions” of other people who give up on their church families):

7.26.19 Jesus Loves You Even Those As Insufferable as Janice (edit)

Church people have to listen to this criticism all the time…

“You’re hateful…you’re bigoted… you’re hypocritical…”

But there’s only one reason to STOP HANGING OUT WITH CHURCH PEOPLE when they do these holier-than-thou things:

You think you’re even holier than they are.

18 thoughts on “Even Holier Than Thou

  1. sklyjd

    Have you ever stopped to think or check out the science to understand that your issue is over “absolutely nothing?”


      1. sklyjd

        I commented with a solution where all your problems could simply disappear if only you could only differentiate between faith in the supernatural and the cold hard realities of life supported by actual verifiable data.

        Amanda, find out the truth about this life on Earth and you can avoid the church and all those nasty people that gossip because they are obviously not Christian minded anyway and they probably only go to church to keep up appearances to avoid the abuse of being an unbeliever and of course indulge in petty gossip.


      2. sklyjd

        I did not say anything about greatness, and this you well know.

        It is doubtful that I could have problems such as you mention along with many other related problems religious beliefs bring to people of all faiths and it is in this respect I am much better off than you and I have the obvious answer.

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      3. mrsmcmommy Post author

        You’re probably not going to like this, but it’s the truth: I’d rather hang out with the “nasty people who gossip” than with someone who is wise in his own eyes…

        My comment down below is just for you. 🙂


  2. mrsmcmommy Post author

    For those who were confused, this post is for people who identify as Theists. It’s written for people who have a foundation for their belief in “right and wrong.” (My goal is to convict them of their arrogance, which is wrong.)
    But, for people who believe there is no God, THIS post was written for you:

    To them I say, be as arrogant as you want. There’s no such thing as good, better, or best. Make up whatever rules you want and then try to feel good about them before your meaningless life ends.
    *Shrug* I’m certainly not going to beg you to come sit next to me on Sundays. That’s the LEAST of our existential worries…


  3. sklyjd

    “Wise in my own eyes”
    Well yes, some things that I notice are obvious and if that is called wise, so be it. Better than being less than wise don’t you think?


      1. sklyjd

        Yes John I understand the phrase can mean whatever you want it to be, however it is clear that Christians are segregated into hundreds of denominations, groups and individuals who do not like each other; therefore it must be time to unhitch your rope as you do not know who the real Christians are that God will choose for heaven. Regardless of how you treat each other every single one of you will claim your rightful passage from devoting a lifetime of worship.


      2. mrsmcmommy Post author

        Every time I write an especially poignant post, Steve shows up to offer a free illustration of my point. People are going to think I pay him!

        I’m going to keep going to church, because the people who think they DON’T need to go to church are arrogant jerks. It’s really as easy as that.


  4. sklyjd

    God is obvious in the same sense as Santa and only due to the persistent claims of Christians like yourself that this deity is the real one.
    Humans have been waiting for about 60 million years for the real god to step forward.


  5. mrsmcmommy Post author

    And there you have it, Reader. Quite frankly, I don’t want to become like the woman I used as an example in this post–and I don’t want to become like Sklyjd, either. I’d rather invite people to experience humility and grace and the growth that comes from admitting our flaws in order to let God work on them. The only alternative is to become SELF-righteous and SELF-important–like these Evangelical Atheists.

    The more I talk to Evangelical Atheists (like Sklyjd), the more confident I am that I will be a lifelong Church-Goer. (But, I suspect that this fact won’t keep Steve from preaching his sermons and sharing his testimony, like an annoying door-to-door Religion Salesman.) 🙂



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