What Christians and Gay People Have in Common: Millennials Don’t Like Us

Atheists love to quote statistics about Millennials leaving churches “in droves,” supposedly because Christianity is a horrible religion, and the Millennials aren’t going to take it any more.

“It’s an ancient, irrelevant superstition that will be totally extinct in just a few years!” they insist gleefully.

religion is dying western world

To hear them tell it, the young people are always right.

If a millennial doesn’t like going to church, it’s the church’s fault…

The christians need to adjust their beliefs or be less judgemental, or simply do a better job giving young people what they want.

“Young people are finally figuring out that what they’ve been taught by religious parents is a joke!” I’ve been told this…dozens of times.

6.30.19 Leaving Church in Droves (#1)

So what does that say about the new polls that indicate young people are less and less tolerant of LGBT individuals?


Check this out: “Results of the LGBTQ survey are alarming!”

“Young people are growing less tolerant of LGBTQ individuals, a jarring turn for a generation traditionally considered embracing and open, a survey released Monday shows.

The number of Americans 18 to 34 who are comfortable interacting with LGBTQ people slipped from 53% in 2017 to 45% in 2018 ā€“ the only age group to show a decline…”

The article goes on to theorize that millennials have been brainwashed by a hateful culture because they are very “impressionable.”

But that’s not what I’ve heard about the amazing intuitive powers of American young people!Ā  I’ve heard they are simply good at recognizing bullsh*t, and they don’t feel the need to agree with you unless you’ve demonstrated a good reason for it!

I’ve heard millennials simply know what they want–and, they’re just waiting for you to ask, so they can help you do better.

Millennials don’t want to spend time hanging around Christians AND they don’t want to spend time with gay, trans, or queer folks…Ā  Interesting, huh?

Just for the record, there have been HUNDREDS of articles (like this one) written about how churches can win back the millennials, by being more loving and more sincere and less awful.

If anyone from the LGBT community wants to read those articles to get the Millennials to like them, I’d be happy to pass a few to you!


No need to thank me. But you’re welcome.

Together, both Christians and Gay/Trans People can learn how to win the approval of America’s youth.

5 thoughts on “What Christians and Gay People Have in Common: Millennials Don’t Like Us

  1. Jeff Lane

    Does this mean Pete will never win the millennials vote? I did read the article you linked to and was struck by how the church is supposed to change to meet their needs. While I will agree just speaking for where I go we are trying to become more outward focused rather than expecting them to come to us we need to leave our building and go to where they are. People want us to act on what we say we believe. Are churches perfect no but will they be anymore perfect with millennials no. I have doing a Bible study in Titus. Paul is writing about how to deal with false teachers and Christians who are looking more like Cretans than they should. I see a parallel with the church today in that we are looking more like the culture than what we should be. When there is no difference why would anyone including millennials or group sub-group you care to mention want to belong. I am sure that only God’s approval matters. But hey LGBT knock yourselves out trying. The atheists can just be knocked out.JK


  2. John Branyan

    LOL! This is great!
    “If anyone from the LGBT community wants to read those articles to get the Millennials to like them, Iā€™d be happy to pass a few to you!”

    I’m trying to imagine the LGBT sympathizers pandering to Millennials and everything I picture is hilarious.


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      I was giggling when I was writing this.
      All this time I’ve been annoyed by the suggestion that Christians should care about the opinions of people who openly dislike them… And now, it turns out, GAY PEOPLE can be annoyed with me! We’re in the same boat with those ignorant, judgemental young people! šŸ™‚


  3. Mel Wild

    Maybe the LGBTQ community can learn that this is what happens when we let our children think for themselves. It’s just a terrible shame when indoctrinating our culture through education, Hollywood, and identity politics doesn’t work.

    Liked by 1 person


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