It’s Only By Challenging Ourselves to Do More…

Perhaps you’ve seen the new ad for Gillette, which “challenges men to do more” in order to “get closer to their best.”

As someone who really loves to issue challenges and hold people accountable to rise and meet higher standards, I LOVE the “no excuses” message.

That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of fleshing out the ad for Venus razors which should be the obvious follow-up to Gillette’s empowering campaign:


(Somber music)

(Flashes to female faces, young and old, looking at themselves in mirrors.)

*Voiceovers saying things like: “Bullying!”  “Out-of-wedlock births.” “Blame the Patriarchy…”

*Young girl’s voice yells: “You’re not my friend!”

(Jump-cut to a Venus commercial from the 90’s.)

Female Narrator:  Have we revealed the “goddess” in ourselves?

(Young girls break through the screen on which the Venus commercial is playing, shrieking like animals…)

Female Narrator:  Is this how the Divine behave?

(Jump to text messages appearing on the screen, such as:  “Freak!” “You’re ugly.” “Nobody likes you.”)

Female Narrator: We can’t hide forever…it has been going on too long.

(Quick jumps to news clips: women fighting, women pole-dancing, Miley Cyrus flipping off the camera, etc.)

(Cut to young girls sitting in a classroom as a nun writes “modesty” on the chalkboard. The girls’ mothers break down the door and throw wadded up papers and spit balls at the nun.)

Female Narrator:  We can’t “resist” evil, unless we purge it from within us. 

(Jump to women wearing pink hats, holding “resist” signs.  One woman hands a sign to a very young girl which says “F&$% Trump.”)

Female Narrator: …We keep making the same old excuses…

(Cut to scene where a woman is shouting at her husband: “I don’t get ANY HELP around here!”)

First Woman:  Girls just want to be loved. 

Second Woman: Girls just want to be loved.

Dozens of Women, robotically: We only want to be loved.

(Jump to teen girls grinding on their boyfriends at prom.) 

Female Narrator:  What will it take for US to change?

(Jump to young girl holding her mother’s hand while she’s lying on a hospital table.)

*Voiceover:  “Over 700,000 abortions per year.” “Babies born alive…” “It’s about MY needs…”

(Cut to news coverage of Kermit Gosnell: “accused of leaving babies to die after late-term abortion attempts…” Then jump to dozens of reporters covering the same story.)

Female Narrator:  When will WE take responsibility, too?

(Cut back to the women looking in the mirrors.)

Female Narrator: Because we….we believe the power of God is available to women.

Conservative Christian Spokesperson on TV saying: “We need to hold our sisters accountable!”

(Music rises)

(Cut to scene of an older woman stopping the nagging wife from yelling.)

(Cut to scene with the Nun in school, where one of the paper-throwing mothers snaps out of her rage and looks pained with guilt.)

Female Narrator:  Becoming a godly woman means helping each other learn to say the right thing and act the right way…

(Jump to women in a pregnancy center, teaching a pregnant woman to change a diaper…)

 Female Narrator: Some of us are already doing it!…in ways big and small.

(Split-screen: woman surrounded by orphans in Africa and a woman holding a single, adopted child.)

(Music continues to build.) 

(Jump to: one of the women who was chanting “Women just want to be loved” breaks away from the group and rushes to stop the girl dancing provacatively on her boyfriend…)

Female Narrator: But some is not enough…

(Cut to: a woman takes the ‘F&%$ Trump’ sign from the little girl and tells her mother, “That’s not okay.”)

Female Narrator: Because the girls watching us today will be the godly women of tomorrow.

(Rapid jump cuts to the cherubic faces of a dozen little girls, well on their way to being “goddesses.”)


…”It’s only by challenging ourselves to do more that we can get closer to being goddesses.”



So, who wants to partner with me to make this happen?   😀

Seriously, I don’t want the only ones improving themselves to be MEN!

Let’s empower the women, too!  

Or–if anyone wants to argue that this video isn’t empowering–(because it’s shaming or condescending or whatever)–then I’d love to hear your opinion of the original Gillette commercial as well.  How is it different?

As far as I’m concerned, either both of these commercials are uplifting or they’re both insulting… but no more double-standards, please.

4 thoughts on “It’s Only By Challenging Ourselves to Do More…

  1. juan devevo

    I gotta be honest. I read half of it in that Movie Guy Narrator voice until I slowed down long enough to read “FEMALE” Narrator. I’m sorry, and I’ll do better. Until then I’ll flog myself for my own misogyny.

    Liked by 1 person

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