For Heaven’s Sake, Shut Up

I say this in all love and respect… shut up.

For Heaven’s sake, shut up!

Okay, I’ll be honest: I only said that because I know the words “shut up” tend to get people’s attention.  And I happen to believe that’s the same reason Brian Sanders used the phrase in the viral post he wrote four days ago. 

If Brian just wanted attention for his rant, he got it.  But he also warns us not to treat people like enemies just because they disagree with us.  So the whole message is pretty confusing.

This is how the post starts:

“I say this in all love and respect…shut up.  For Heaven’s sake…shut up.

One of Christian music’s biggest voices, Lauren Daigle, made an appearance on the Ellen tv show yesterday.

She sang a song about Jesus called “He’s still rolling stones.”

Well…my facebook timeline blew up.

Some of the comments were…

“Another Christian artist sold out to the world…she’s on the Ellen show and we all know Ellen is gay.”

“Well, I wonder if Christian Radio will continue to play her music now that she’s been on the Ellen show.”

Really people?

Sweet merciful.

No wonder unbelievers don’t like us.

They’re fans of Jesus but not of the people who claim to follow him.”

I agree with this part:  REALLY PEOPLE?


Think about what he just said and ask yourselves, “Do I really think unbelievers are fans of Jesus— but they just can’t commit to Him until everyone shuts up about Lauren Daigle?”


First of all, I haven’t heard one negative thing about Daigle’s Ellen show debut. Not one.

Mostly I’ve heard Christians reacting the way we always react when we hear the word “God” somewhere near a celebrity.

We’re peeing our pants with excitement. 

Just like when the priest delivered his sermon at this year’s Royal Wedding…  We were all like,  “YAY! Celebrities doing church-y stuff!”

And just like when Chris Pratt said “there is a God” at an awards show…  Again, all of us celebrated, “YAY! Celebrities doing church-y stuff!”

We basically explode with happiness every time a famous person throws us a bone and allows something religious to happen somewhere nearby.

So I’m a little skeptical that Brian Sanders knows a bunch of people who are saying “Don’t speak to gay people” or whatever.

I’m more inclined to believe that some people have questioned whether Lauren Daigle’s songs are biblical–or if she’s only making godless humans feel good about themselves (I’ve questioned the lyrics to one of her songs before.)

In light of the fact that not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” truly follows Him, I would love to hear from the Christians who are careful and thoughtful whenever a pretty song gets approval from the World.

Being popular doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong, but we should do the hard work of figuring out The Truth instead of assuming. And we shouldn’t be told to “shut up” while we’re searching for the right answer.

I’ll let Brian continue:

“Lauren Daigle had an opportunity to sing to millions of people about Jesus…and she took it. Do you really think the devil would give her that opportunity?”

(Answer: Yes. I think–theoretically–the Devil could give Lauren Daigle the opportunity to sing human-centered songs disguised as Christian teaching.  Maybe that’s not what happened. But, since you asked, I think it’s a possibility.  Do you still want me to shut up?)

Brian again:

Second, take people as they are. Jesus does.

…ya know….Jesus never once called the lepers or the Samaritans “fools,” “idiots” or “jerks.”

But scroll through facebook and you’ll see followers of Jesus calling people fools, idiots and jerks.

Yes, Brian.  You’ll also find followers of Jesus telling others to “shut up.”

Back to you:

if you’re on the “wrong” side of politics….
if you live the “wrong” lifestyle…
if you listen to the “wrong” music…

And, if you don’t think Lauren Daigle’s lyrics are preaching solid Christian doctrine…

Jesus made friends of those different from Himself.

As I read Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we make enemies of those different from us.

Okay–that’s enough, Brian.  I can’t take any more sanctimonious preaching from someone who clearly doesn’t see his own hypocrisy.

This man has not taken the time to understand where someone criticizing Daigle and Ellen may be coming from.  He simply made enemies of them.   

Brian’s post has more than 40,000 positive reactions and almost the same number of shares/reposts!

There are things he said that I can agree with.   But what drives me crazy is the cultural cliche that undergirds the whole post: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

That’s a crock of crap for two reasons:

It’s not nice to silence people AND sometimes the Truth demands saying things that aren’t nice.

Christians–please stop telling each other that non-believers are turned off by “negativity.” If that were true, then Brian Sanders would be guilty.

But it’s not true.

Non-believers are turned off by hypocrisy and by the fact that they aren’t allowed to ask valid questions about the meat of Christianity without being told to pipe down and just enjoy the pretty music.   

The saying ought to be: If you can’t say something TRUE, don’t say anything at all.  

Therefore, Brian, the next time your friends are wrestling with the question of whether something is right or wrong and you feel the urge to make a long, contradictory speech suggesting it’s bad to ‘judge’ the truth–just don’t.

I say this with all love and respect.  Just, for Heaven’s Sake, shut up.

7 thoughts on “For Heaven’s Sake, Shut Up

  1. stephanieswan74

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve seen too many people who are quick to point out something that someone is doing and then the second someone points out that they’re doing the same thing, they get defensive. We as Christians should be able to share the TRUTH and accept the TRUTH. We’re supposed to hold each other accountable, but not by telling each other to shut up or for condemning someone for associating themselves with a sinner. Peter and the other apostles wanted nothing to do with the gentiles until Paul called Peter out on it.


  2. John Branyan

    This is what social justice gets us. Christians dumping on other Christians so those outside the family will see them as “open-minded” and “inclusive”. As you said, the hypocrisy should be obvious but spotting it requires a moment of thoughtfulness.


      1. John Branyan

        “Unless that person was killed in an accident before they were baptized…”

        (…whoops…did it again…)

        “Yes! Don’t judge! If God wanted us to judge each other, He would have given us brains.”


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