The Testimony an Atheist Can’t Forget

It has been more than a year and a half since I shared my testimony with an Atheist who goes by the avatar “Arkenaten.” (Note: he was trying to make reference to an ancient Egyptian pharoah “Akhenaten,” but he spelled the name wrong. True story.)

Anyway, Ark has a reputation for asking leading questions over and over–to lure Christians into discussing the specifics of Old Testament archaeology, though it’s a subject even he isn’t qualified to tackle.

If I had a nickel for every time Ark posted a comment with the word “Moses” in it…  (*rolls eyes)

For months, we tried in vain to keep Ark focused on the subject at hand, only to be sidetracked with questions about the Exodus and the Flood and “Tell me, what deep dark sin made you turn to Jesus?”


But, despite regularly being frustrated by Ark, there was an evening in October of 2016 in which a supernatural ability to tolerate him swept over me. I felt led to demonstrate more patience than usual with the incorrigible, foul-mouthed troll.

I threw Arkenaten a bone.

Though he continued to ask all of the wrong questions, I gave him the answers I felt he needed, as gently and plainly as I knew how to give them.

I talked about darkness and hopelessness.  I talked about God, the Source of Life an ancient civilization called “Yahweh,” but you can call “Frank” if you want.

And I talked about humans being dependent on Light, exactly the way plants are… or we will shrivel up and die.

Overall, it must have been a pretty memorable gift of words I gave, because he brings up my bought with depression literally every time he thinks of it… I suppose you could say it drives him crazy that I’m no longer crazy.

Even though I haven’t spoken directly to Ark for MONTHS, he still can’t get my testimony about God off his mind…

I know, because my dad sent this to me yesterday:



I’m told Dad was talking with someone who doesn’t even know me (on a topic unrelated to suicide) when Ark jumped in with his insincere question.

It seems he’s still fighting against God (“Frank”), and giving up his mind in the process.

So, I got to thinking…

Maybe other Christians would want to read the original conversation about “Frank,” to see what all the fuss is about?

I mentioned I was being patient and “gentle, but maybe some readers would be surprised to see what I consider gentle.  🙂

Maybe some of you are worried you don’t have anything to say to rude, easily-distracted pagans demanding answers all the time.

Or maybe you’re in a dark, hopeless place yourself, and you’re looking for some encouragement.

I’ll include a few screenshots below,  but you can read the entire conversation in the comment section of this blog post.

(Oh, and Profanity Warning! The heathen like naughty words, and I occassionally try to reach them by speaking their language.)

7.26.18 Ark Conversation (#1)

7.26.18 Ark Conversation (#2)

7.26.18 Ark Conversation (#3)

7.26.18 Ark Conversation (#4)

7.26.18 Ark Conversation (#5)

7.26.18 Ark Conversation (#6)

(Ark continued to ask me to demonstrate Frank/Yahweh’s existence. So after a few back-and-forth comments, I wrote:)

7.26.18 Ark Conversation (#7)


…And, after almost two years have passed, Ark is still starving himself spiritually…pretending he’s fine when it’s very obvious he isn’t.

Instead of humbling himself and asking for God’s help, Ark finds ways to bring ME and my depression into conversations that have nothing to do with me.

If he can’t be saved, then let him stand as an example of depravity. Let the God-Resisters be a warning to anyone who wants to stay sane. And let those who love darkness be encouragement for the Children of the Light.

Atheists are going crazy thinking about my story!…

All Glory be to Frank.   🙂



14 thoughts on “The Testimony an Atheist Can’t Forget

  1. BbBennett

    Ark will die one day, and all of his questions will be answered by an authority he can neither deny nor refute.

    The barrier to his understanding the spiritual reality of his existence are the spirits of Arrogance and Pride.

    He is just a soulless meat puppet, accidentally breathing until he becomes worm food. Asking questions because the chunk of carbon he sees in the mirror can’t help believing there is something more to life.


  2. Randy Epps

    Amanda, I am so glad you shared this conversation from the past. You exposed your heart, revealed the reality of God in your life, in an attempt to show Ark how much love God has planted inside you in the process of healing you. (Replacing darkness with light)
    I will pray for Ark today.
    The frustration in trying to love those that only want to destroy you is real.
    This is the most moving thing of yours that I have ever read.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gene

    So good 🙂 He doesn’t know what hit him!

    Also, I finally listened to you guys on the Daren Streblow comedy show. It was encouraging, thank you 🙂

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  4. churchofaeternum

    You do see one side of atheism here. The side where THEY are interacting with US. Which can be quite negative and offensive. But there is an entirely separate side we need to remember, as the faithful.

    These are people who have been told, sometimes as children, that they are evil for being a certain way, or asking a question, or loving the wrong kind of person. These are people who have, fundamentally, a love for data and facts and knowledge. They treasure it, and rightfully so.

    Christians particularly have some of the strongest sermons regarding compassion and understanding. I know it can be hard when a nasty attitude blends with an attack on God. But we have to see them for what they are. People, just like us, testing their mettle, and finding their way in the world.

    MrsMcMommy, it can be quite a challenge to answer their questions! I think you did a fine job of embracing that challenge while still maintaining decorum. Exemplary.


      1. churchofaeternum

        Some do not.

        Not everyone finds quantum mechanics either! We all enrich our lives in different ways.

        One of the trickiest things I had to learn, was not to minister God to the atheist. But to see God IN the atheist.


      2. churchofaeternum

        Fir the same reason I’d want to see God in all people.

        Faith, and the attitudes and love you derive from it do not stop with the faith of others.

        Even if they don’t believe, doesn’t mean you can’t see God there.

        Just like art. Someone may not like it, or believe it isn’t art. But that shouldn’t stop someone from seeing beauty in it.

        The complexity of God is that He can satisfy paradox and contradiction. If the atheist says God isn’t real, then He isn’t. If you say He is real, then He is. He can fulfill that paradox.

        Just like art.

        Don’t you want to see art everywhere?


      3. mrsmcmommy Post author

        No. I wouldn’t say I want to see art everywhere. 🙂 People who try often come across as weird.
        I think people who sprinkle paint on a page and call it beautiful are kidding themselves. ( *cough* Jackson Pollock *cough*)

        I look for the TRUTH everywhere. I don’t think it’s true that God stops being real when someone says so… When we use language like in your last comment, it gives Atheists the impression that they can say things that aren’t true and still be correct. (Even if that’s not what you meant.)

        I’d be careful with that…


      4. churchofaeternum

        In a recent post, I reference the paradoxes of theology. I recommend reading it to get a better understanding of what I mean.

        God is like an interference pattern. An atheist and a Christian are just looking at different parts.

        Also, yes. Pollock was a curse to the world of art!


      5. mrsmcmommy Post author

        If Christians and Atheists are looking at different parts, then the answer to my question of whether everyone finds God would be “yes.” Everyone finds different parts of God…

        I hope you don’t mean that it’s possible for people to believe two opposite things–and both be right.


      6. BbBennett

        How can Pollock be a curse on art when you believe in all art beauty can be found?

        YOUR theology is a paradox. God is not.


  5. Mel Wild

    From what I understand, Ark never really believed but what he learned about the story of Moses from skeptics pissed him off. So, now, he would rather put his faith in archeologists and atheists who say our life has no purpose and meaning because someone concluded that Moses never existed. That’s why he keeps bringing it up. But you’re exactly right, he doth protest too much. I also think it’s funny that he keeps saying we were indoctrinated but he keeps quoting Richard Dawkins’s description of God almost verbatim! I guess he found a “savior” he could follow (in this case, saved from hope and meaning) after all.

    Great testimony and exchange. You really did have supernatural patience there. Evidence for God!

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