To My But-People

I said something to a friend the other day that I wanted to expand.

Thank you to every single one of you who listen to my theories and opinions–and still feel comfortable adding a “but” to balance me out.

Thanks for disagreeing respectfully.  Thanks for understanding me and showing me new perspectives.

Thanks for smoothing my rough edges and pulling me back toward the center, when my passion threatens to allow my pendulum to swing too far in any one direction.

I’ve met plenty of “yes-men,” and their support feels good for a moment. But the real growth happens when I do life with you “But-People.”

I certainly don’t feel like thanking you all the time.  (Sometimes disagreement feels like being misunderstood. Sometimes I just FEEL like being told I’m right, with no “buts”.)

I don’t take time to reflect every day, on how valuable you are to my life.

But I reflected this week, so I wanted to speak up.

Thank you for being thoughtful and careful and honest with me!  

Bethany, Sarah, Jasmine, Tabby, April, Amanda, Allison, Grandma Nancy…I can’t even name all of you who occassionally say something like, “Uh, I think you’re a little off there, Dude.”

Yours are the voices I hear when I’m thinking through a new idea.  I try to guess how you’re going to respond, as I’m writing my newest, controversial, probably-overstated blog posts. And it makes my writing better.

It makes ME better.

“Yes-Men” are a dime a dozen.  But, my “But-People” are priceless.

Seriously! I’m thanking God for you today.

With affection,



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