The Gospel According to Snoop Dogg

Let’s cut to the chase. I don’t want to talk about Snoop Dogg’s version of Christianity, exactly.

I want to talk about this article, which warns Christians to be careful when talking about it:

Snoop Dog is Releasing a Gospel Album and why the Church Should Care

“Herein lies the controversy that the church has stumbled over time and again: How do we react to celebrities who thank God for awards…or claim their faith pulled them through a difficult time, and then turn around and live a “Hollywood lifestyle”?

Could it be that this man, who has walked a hard road and has produced some of the most questionable content our culture has seen…is seeking God?”

Oh, sure, it’s very possible Snoop Dogg could be looking for God.


If he’s still seeking, but hasn’t actually found God, then what makes us think he can lead others?

Unfortunately, sometimes Christians get so excited about the word “Gospel” on an album cover that they don’t put much thought into exactly how it will do a better job leading people to Jesus than all the other music Snoop has produced.

There seem to be at least a few people at who think his fans might somehow stumble into the Truth, just hearing church-y words on their radio.

“There are a few things I hope we can keep in mind as the album releases and people start talking about it…

…there are going to be Snoop fans who don’t know Jesus and will listen to the album. Let’s not turn them off to the church by criticizing the album or its producer.”



“…people who have never heard gospel music may hear it for the first time. They may be moved to find out more about Jesus and his church through this music. They may even come to visit your church.”


Also, maybe people who’ve never heard a Christian be bold and take a stand for rationality will read my blog and be moved to find out more about Jesus through my frequent criticism of poor thinking.

Maybe they’ll come visit my church.

I mean, maybe.

But maybe that’s not the point.

I remember the good ol’ days in Sunday school, when evangelism and discipleship were explained with the candle analogy. God lights a fire in our hearts, and we become like little candles…who then can pass the flame on to others.

(Don’t hide it under a bushel!)

But, if that’s true, then Snoop Dogg will have a hard time doing much good for the Kingdom if he’s still seeking God’s flame himself.

It’s almost absurd:

Christian Leaders:  “Be careful! You don’t want to accidentally extinguish Snoop’s flame!”

Me: “Uh…does he have a flame? It doesn’t look like his candle is burning.”

Christian Leaders: “See, that’s precisely the negativity he doesn’t need! You’re going to snuff it out!”

Me:  “Snuff out WHAT? I still don’t see the flame.”

Christian Leaders:  “Staaaaahp! He’s trying to spread the Gospel to others! Don’t put out their lights, too!”

Me: “I…just…I can’t…”

Christian Leaders:  “…all those needy souls, holding candles. Snoop can’t light them if we’re too judgmental.”

Me: (*pounds head on desk*)



Timid Christians must stop telling themselves they are fulfilling the Great Commission by saying nothing at all… and that silence is better than offense. (It’s not.)

Your silence makes the problem worse.

Watching Snoop run around, trying to light candles with a cold wick, is just cruel.

In fact, shame on anyone who gives up the responsibility of lighting the darkness to a man who thinks “Gospel” just means a song without the F-word. 

Snoop Dogg is equally as lost as his listeners.  But instead of offering to light his candle, our plan is to let him dabble in a little preaching!…while we wait comfortably at church for anyone who might show up–somehow–steered by the blind guy’s directions.


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