God Made Your Child Bad

Just as people with illnesses can’t help their bad behavior, it seems there’s another category of humans who MUST do what is wrong, because of the way their bodies work…

It’s children!

This Upworthy Article explains there are ten ways kids really aren’t as “naughty” as parents think:

“Even though it’s annoying when a child picks your tomatoes while they’re still green, cuts their own hair, or makes a fort with eight freshly-washed sheets, they’re doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing…”

Whew! What a relief!

My brat is SUPPOSED to be a brat!  🙂

The list of things that aren’t really “naughty” includes being unable to control their impulses and being defiant.

Of course, most parents wouldn’t accept the idea that God MAKES their children misbehave.  So professionals are using a different tactic to make their theory easier to swallow. They simply change the definition of the word “naughty.”

Thus, pop-psychiatry says bad behavior really isn’t “bad” at all–since it’s normal:

“Many of kids’ so-called ‘bad’ behaviors are actually normal developmental acts of growing up.

When we recognize kids’ unwelcome behaviors as reactions to environmental conditions, developmental phases, or our own actions, we can respond proactively, and with compassion…

What parents can do: Remind ourselves that kids can’t always manage impulses (because their brains aren’t fully developed)…”

So, you see?

It’s not the kids’ fault.

They can’t help it!

They’re just working with the brain they were given!

Just one question, dear reader…

Who made their brain?

I predict there will come a time in our culture where NOBODY is held accountable for the choices they make.

Some adults have “mental illnesses.” Others have “highly sensitive personalities.”  Others grew up in poverty or had histories of abuse…  Plus, as we’ve seen, everyone under the age of four must throw things when they’re told not to throw them–because “brain development.”

Therefore, all of these circumstances explain when people can’t control their impulses and act defiantly. We can release everyone in jail and prison, because nobody really chooses to do wrong!

This reasoning is called “determinism,” and it’s just a fancy word for “We don’t really have free will.”

According to Determinism, all of us are products of our environments–including how we were raised and the chemicals that are swirling around in our bodies.

Sometimes Determinists make silly, self-contradicting videos, like this one, about how humans only THINK they control themselves. (Yes, he made the choice to create a video about humans having no choice. Think about that for a second.)

Anyway, the belief that we have no free-will comes logically from Atheism, because Atheists believe everything started, by accident, with a chemical reaction.

Many Atheists actually come right out and admit there’s no such thing as good-and-bad or right-and-wrong, except for popular opinion:

“There is no objective moral standard. We are responsible for our own actions….”

“The hard answer is it’s a matter of opinion.” –David Silverman, Atheist

But–there is a Theological version of Determinism, too.

Theological Determinism develops when religious people swallow secular opinions about the brain/body (and about what’s “right/wrong”) instead of thinking through the consequences…

We may believe in God.

But, do we believe humans have the ability to choose obedience to Him? Or do we think they must obey their selfish impulses?

Does it make sense that God created children with “underdeveloped brains” who have to disobey their parents?

I’m just not so sure about that…


In my own household, I know my kids will misbehave at times.

But that’s not the same as believing they HAVE to be bad. And it’s certainly not the same as changing words like “bad” and “naughty” to use the more pleasant word “normal,” instead.

Yes, it’s normal, because humans are normally fallen and self-absorbed and enemies of Holiness.

Yes, children need tons of patience and a safe, loving family, while they learn the ugly truth about their own sin nature.

But, they must learn that truth eventually: being normal isn’t good.

Even if my children CHOOSE to throw ugly tantrums in the middle of the store for the rest of their lives, I will love them fiercely…

…but I will never believe God trapped us in bodies that make us do what we know is wrong. 

Ultimately, humans are more than brains-on-legs.

This is why parents must be skeptical–and ask questions–when listening to popular opinions (of Determinists) who believe brains control humans, rather than the other way around.

The $100 question is this: Are you saying God  made my child bad?

6 thoughts on “God Made Your Child Bad

  1. insanitybytes22

    Well said. In the ultimate twist of irony,when all these “good kids” do bad things,we turn around and blame parents, the same parents we have told to just accept that your children can’t help themselves! Than we flip that around again, their poor behavior is probably caused because you once let them cry themselves to sleep or fed them too much gluten or didn’t apply enough coconut oil. It’s a parental catch 22, and than we can’t figure out why we have such a problem with people taking personal responsibility in this world.


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Great point! These same kids will be blaming their parents when they “grow up.”
      But why should that surprise us? We’ve literally TAUGHT them to blame outside sources!

      Lord, help us.

      And please, let there be at least a few decent, self-controlled individuals in the world when my kids are ready to marry. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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