Run! Hide! From Suicide!

I know lots of people using Sarahah–the new app which allows you to receive anonymous notes and comments from friends.

Personally, I receive enough anonymous (or semi-anonymous) comments while blogging. So, I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, yet.

But I definitely don’t agree with this guy, who is against anyone using the app at all:

I don’t know whether Ryan Christopher is going to leave his post up for the rest of eternity. So, let me just pull out some of the most interesting quotes, for posterity, in case my link ends up being broken:

“I remember my highschool abusing a site called Formspring to tease a girl. I remember the anonymous messages escalating to pervasive harassment…”

“These sites are dangerous. Minds are vulnerable, especially for those who are already struggling with self-esteem.”

“Sarahah opens doors to cyberbullying, and from there, it’s undetermined…”

“Even if you are strong enough to withstand a possibly cruel message, know that others may not have your resilience…”


I’m sorry, but the more I read that, the more ludicrous it becomes to me.

We actually believe there are people out there who can’t learn to ignore mean comments?  And then they’ll HAVE to kill themselves?

I mean, if this is such a big problem, maybe we should stop buying pens and paper, too!

Someone could leave a mean, anonymous post-it on your car!


Readers, please listen to this:

Running and hiding from bullies is NOT a solution for “vulnerable minds.”

I’m not just saying it’s difficult to protect our weak friends from mean lies; I’m saying it’s completely impossible.

Here it is again, in different words:

If you’re worried about people around you having “vulnerable minds,” you can’t waste time trying to make the world safer for them. 

Instead, you must prepare their minds for the world!


Sarahah isn’t dangerous.

At least, not any more dangerous than a postcard, which could just as easily be used to injure someone who’s “struggling with self-esteem.” But, if we can’t exist with postcards around, doesn’t that point to a bigger problem?

I think the truly dangerous thing is a culture that keeps telling us certain people are unable to cope with mean lies, because of “undetermined” circumstances…

They’re just vulnerable, and they always will be.

They have no choice but to internalize the lies and probably kill themselves…

Make no mistake, Reader, THAT IS ACTUALLY THE DEADLY LIE, contributing to suicide culture.

Disguised as something compassionate and supportive, Ryan Christopher’s warning about Sarahah actually dis-empowers those who are being bullied and keeps them vulnerable, rather than teaching them the secret of dealing with negative comments in a healthy manner.

Am I making sense here???

2 thoughts on “Run! Hide! From Suicide!

  1. insanitybytes22

    Hmmm……I think you may have a point. I absolutely despise internet bullies and I do believe our minds are vulnerable. Abuse is a real thing and a few dozen strangers telling you to go kill yourself can get pretty intense. Not everyone is emotionally resilient all the time,or by nature. That said however, people are one mouse click away from disappearing from your life, and we can unplug at any time. We can do something else. And yes, we can learn how to deal with abuse and hecklers in a healthy way.

    Remember that girl sentenced to jail for harassing her boyfriend until he killed himself? I had mixed feelings about that case, too. I think she’s pretty evil,they could have sent her up the river indefinitely for all I cared, but it still sets a dangerous precedent.


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Yeah, the girl who “helped” kill her boyfriend is a good example.

      Obviously, she’s a nasty person. What she did was wrong.

      I just can’t buy that he didn’t have a choice. Anyone who would kill themselves over words isn’t handling it right.

      When I was struggling with Postpartum Anxiety and Depression, even people posting harmless stuff was “triggering.” I’d see a happy photo of people smiling, and I’d think, “I’M NEVER GOING TO BE THAT HAPPY AGAIN!” 🙂 Obviously, that was a lie from the Enemy. And it was my mind which needed to be fixed (by gearing toward the truth). Nobody else could possibly be blamed if I’d made a stupid choice to harm myself.



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