My White People Tears

Today I learned that the website AfroPunk exists…

And people actually sit at their computers and write stuff like this: “Having White Friends Comes With Trauma I’m not Willing To Deal With Anymore”

“I can’t take no ‘mo, White People…

My dad warned me about White People when I was around 7 or 8. He told me that no matter how close I felt to these people, I would always be first and foremost Black in their mind.

…I’ve learned that Daddy-o was onto something and the ugly truth is that in one way or another, White friends, largely, just aren’t safe to have.”

But, if that’s not enough stupidity for you, read the comments!

Oh, the comments!

“White People” (both words capitalized) are down there telling this person they are sorry! They’re APOLOGIZING to someone with clear Borderline Personality Disorder.

Oh, man, I was surprised at first. But, the irony of the whole thing eventually became hilarious…

It’s just hysterical, because some people are so, deathly afraid of being called “racist” that they will become patronizingly racist, just to earn validation from black people.  HAHAHA!

They know exactly what will happen if they say anything other than “I’m so sorry, and you’re exactly right.” If they don’t walk the line, they will be threatened (and “dragged”) like this poor, uncooperative soul:

7.22.17 Racism


“You were warned.”

You were warned!

And apparently that warning is enough to make certain white people whimper and obediently chirp, “Yes, Massah.  Sorry, Massah.”


It’s fascinating!

Human behavior is fascinating, I say!

How enlightening, to watch the way certain people fight for power, when they’re too stupid to reason.  And that goes especially when they’re actually able to get some of that power because being “reasonable” isn’t necessary in today’s culture.

(They do it the same way my unreasonable children get power…by being insanely loud/annoying and eventually earning pity from people who realize they’re immature.)

Anyway, they’re right about one thing.

They’re right about the tears.

Whenever I read stuff like this, I can’t help crying:

 “I said [I hadn’t found a boyfriend], and her mother leaned across the table and grabbed my forearm reassuringly and said, ‘At least now you can meet someone of your own kind.’
It was like a punch in the face… it was the first time I allowed myself to acknowledge the malice being spewed at me by a White person I trusted.”

The phrase “your own kind” felt like a punch in the face to the woman…who now writes and publishes phrases like “I’m finding it hard to trust any White Person.” 

I’m crying!

When a girl wants sympathy because a white lady encouraged her to find a boyfriend of “her own kind”–and now she’s writing about how she can only handle friends OF HER OWN KIND–I start shedding white tears.

They’re really falling now:




4 thoughts on “My White People Tears

  1. KIA

    Racism is encouraged and continued when society or families ‘warn’ people about others simply because of the color of their skin.
    Racism is not prejudice+power, it’s Prejudice against someone or some group because of the color of their skin or ethnic origin.
    Racism of any kind is evil and hatred. It must stop, but you can’t legislate what happens in the mind. All we can do is call it out when we see it


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      The comments on the original article indicate why it’s impossible to call it out.

      They’ve found ways to insulate themselves from any criticism. (Whether by claiming the white critic is “just crying” or by accusing the black critic of “self-hatred” and being a “race-traitor.”)

      When ideas stop being exchanged, and only labels remain, there can be no more change. Everyone will have chosen their side, permanently.



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