Why Buy The Car When You Ride for Free?

On the topic of premarital sex, you’ll sometimes hear the question: “Why wouldn’t you test drive a car before you buy it?”

And, honestly, I agree completely!



As someone who saved sex for marriage, I think it’s crucial to put a potential spouse to the test.

You should test him/her…for integrity and self-control.

Those are two traits which are very important in “driving” a marriage.

Refusing to have sex before the marriage commitment is a great way to make sure a husband-or-wife-to-be is able to resist primal urges.

Test that he/she knows how to keep a difficult commitment to sexual purity, even when it would be easier to jump into a newer, less damaged model.

“Testing” a boyfriend or girlfriend for their ability to please you sexually is kind of like making sure a car has working cigarette lighters. When it comes to important details, it doesn’t even make the list.

On the other hand, CONTROLLING your various temptations will be crucial for the future of your relationship…

So,  why not keep those pants on and test his/her brakes before you buy ’em.



4 thoughts on “Why Buy The Car When You Ride for Free?

  1. insanitybytes22

    LOL! Good point.

    There’s this myth about sexual compatibility, about chemistry, as if you either have it as a couple or you don’t. You “just can’t negotiate desire” or some such rubbish. Total nonsense. It’s a bit like the saying,we just “grew apart.” Unless we are a plant, we don’t just passively grow in another direction through no control of our own. Our sexuality,our desire cues,our attraction signals are fluid and flexible, and they begin in our brains and our thoughts.

    Kind of sad for modern marriage, there’s this idea that the honeymoon is it, that it’s all downhill from there,that marriage is where sex goes to die. We need to flip that around. We’ve got it all backwards. A “test” is a pass or fail. Instead we should be focused on leveling up the whole game for a life time.

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    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      The whole “test drive the car” thing is just an excuse for people who can’t control themselves. It has to be, doesn’t it?

      If they thought for just two minutes, they would realize that–like a car–people don’t “run” the same way two years later…let alone 20, 30, or 50 years later. Luke and I have only been married for 9 years, and our rhythms and desires have changed MULTIPLE times in that span. We’re not the same people we were (as energetic, childless teenagers), and we’re not the same as we will be in another decade!

      People say “test drive the car” because it sounds logical on the surface, as long as you don’t stop to explain what the purpose of marriage is supposed to be. But, when you bring “for better or worse” and “forever” into the picture, the analogy starts to fall apart. Why would you ever promise “forever” to a car? It’s not possible! It stops serving its usefulness looooong before you’re elderly. Maybe marriage is something else…


      1. insanitybytes22

        Ha! Just so long as we remember that some cars can become classics, that a handful of them will actually increase in value. Heck, some of them don’t run at all and they’re still worth a fortune.

        So, buy the darn car 🙂

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      2. mrsmcmommy Post author

        Okay, okay. If you’re going to keep restoring the thing–and seeing the potential in it, even if it doesn’t get driven as often as it used to–then we might be able to salvage the analogy after all.

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