Go To Hell

The people most offended by the concept of Hell are those who deserve it the most.

All of us have a sense of justice. We all know that evil exists–but we never want to admit when WE belong in that category.

Case in point, John My-Sin-Is-Better-Than-Yours Pavlovitz.  (Just when I thought he couldn’t get any more unhinged.)

Earlier John actually posted a piece called “Today, I Hope There’s a Hell,” in which he outlined the reason he’s starting to rethink his belief about spiritual damnation:

Because if there indeed is a hell, it will be surely getting more crowded after today.

If there’s a hell it will be filled with people who claimed faith in Jesus, while spending the National Day of Prayer stripping the sick of care and the vulnerable of protection—and acting as if this was a righteous victory.

If there’s a hell, it will be packed to the rafters with Christians who chose to turn the other way or to be silent as they watched it all happen.

If there is a hell, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan and Mike Pence, and all those who conspired to perpetrate this horror upon our most vulnerable and most at-risk, might actually come to the humility and repentance and decency that they seem incapable of here.

Got that?

The man who regularly makes use of the “Love Wins” hashtag is reconsidering the need for Hell…because Donald Trump and Paul Ryan need somewhere to pay for repealing chunks of Obamacare.

That seems reasonable and not-at-all like an overreaction, right?

He also Tweeted this today:

So, if you’ve ever argued that “ALL LIVES MATTER,” then you HAVE to support Obamacare.

Because, repealing the AHCA (and anything that John considers “anti-LGBTQ”) automatically makes you a liar.

The only people who really care about all lives are the ones who vote in John-approved ways…

It would almost be funny if it weren’t for the dozens and dozens of mindless followers who pile on to agree with the insanity.


And, my personal favorite,  “as a disabled woman…at least I KNOW the GOP wants me DEAD!”

I mean, how can you hit “send” on a comment like that without laughing?

Post after post after post like this!

When one talking head suggests that a piece of legislation is literally life and death for millions of people, they just hop on the bandwagon? They actually believe, wholeheartedly, that politicians replacing Obamacare are LITERALLY trying to kill disabled people?

The horde brings up a certain mental image for me:

Of course there’s a Hell!


The people who advocate most passionately for “justice” ought to be the first to admit this. They recognize the truth at their core.

There must be a place where people are held “accountable” for their wrongs.  There must be a point where “Karma” catches up to evil-doers.  There must be a reckoning for the lying, blame-shifting, self-absorbed people who only use God’s name for their own, personal gain.

Hell is a place where anger and hate still exist, but critical thought cannot.

The residents of Hell will spend all of eternity insisting that they were absolutely right about everything.  They will believe, into infinity, that their perspective is more correct and their hearts are more good and more beautiful than anyone who was ushered into Heaven.  

Many of them will have spent their earthly lives believing that posting to Facebook about the awful GOP is the same as being compassionate…which means they will spend their afterlives convinced that God is the monster for treating them as equals to Donald Trump.

They’ll say psychotic things like, “All of those so-called Christians in Heaven wanted me DEAD, and now they’re being rewarded for it!!!!”

But none of their neighbors will think that’s insane.

People who deserve Hell are always the first to argue it’s not fair.




Illogical anger.

Yes,  Hell exists.

And John Pavlovitz’s blog is the front porch.

13 thoughts on “Go To Hell

  1. insanitybytes22

    I so hear you! Hell is…people messing with my head, like preaching “love” while engaging in outright abuse. Chaos, confusion, evil calling itself, good, good calling itself evil. Not long ago, John sent something out calling people dung beetles.

    For the spiritually challenged, calling people dung beetles and telling people to go to hell is not loving. Of course, I am sure there is great mercy there, we all lose our temper and the Lord is very gracious, but just the same it is not supposed to become our entire state of being. Sheesh 🙂


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      I understand why Pavlovitz and his many followers don’t believe me when I say that I can still value a person’s humanity while relentlessly criticizing their worldview.

      It’s because, when they hate the sin, they hate the sinner, too.

      He has nothing but hatred for certain political figures (and those who vote for them), and now his cognitive dissonance about the whole thing is beginning to drive him mad.


  2. sklyjd

    At least this John Pavlovitz is honest. He understands what non-Christians realise, that is the obvious shortfall of the Biblical word of his God.


  3. sklyjd

    What advantage of me can be had with his doubts of his almighty God? Maybe it is you that he is taking advantage of and I do not have any sympathy or respect for this man if that is what you think, it is only pity. And by the way, hell is a very good incentive to attract the common people and keep them locked into the God contract.


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      He’s telling you what you want to hear…

      Everybody knows about someone who deserves Hell. It’s just that nobody thinks they, PERSONALLY, deserve Hell. That was the point of this article.


  4. sklyjd

    I think a really bad day is hell. Even though it is a religiously invented term the word hell does describe certain things well. I do not subscribe to any sort of hell being a reality.



    Of course, he is basing his statement on what he believes is “Good.”
    When you use hell as your example, and (in that same example) say that it is used for people who are Christians….

    (Honestly, I can’t believe I am having to write a comment like this.)


    Liked by 1 person

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