They’re Right. That’s Stupid.

I was pointed to the blog of a former-Christian (now Atheist) to read an interesting quote:

“If I were still a Christian, I’d most likely be on my knees every night… in constant “conversation” with God, asking “Him” to make everything “work” for us to buy this home (which, of course, involves selling our current home and getting the price we need)…”

The majority of my readership is Christian, so I have to ask. Does that sound familiar?

Do you ask God to make everything “work” for you?

Here’s more:

“The question is primarily directed to ex-Christians, since you’re the ones who in a past life (like me) probably asked/begged God to make things “work” … to make everything “come together” and grant the desires of your heart…”

I’m not going to address this blogger’s “question,” because my dad already has an Atheist Advice Column, and I’d rather let him tackle that.  (Edit: His advice post is here.)

Instead, I’m writing to the Christians who still sound like this Atheist used to sound…

Do you think God is waiting to grant the desires of your heart?

When a friend is struggling with something they really want, do you share stuff like this?


Or maybe you’re fond of saying things like, “Keep lookin’ up!”

or “God’s got you covered!”

or “Get ready for a blessing!”


If these are your go-to cliches when you’re trying to be helpful, stop.

Please, stop.

It’s not helpful.

Your Osteen-inspired T-shirt wisdom is shallow and naive and not Christian.

That religion might work to help a 10-year-old feel better about a disappointing grade on a test, but it’s not good for much else.

Although you can convince a child that life is all about wishing really hard for something from the Great Genie, eventually that concept of God is supposed to grow up.

The former-Christians who mock the way they used to beg for goodies from God are right. That’s ridiculous.

What many professing Christians are practicing is called “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism“–because they have virtually no need for God, except to solve their (usually self-caused) problems.

“Please pray for my boyfriend to get out of jail.”

“Please ask God to help us find a house we want.”

“I’m asking for prayers because we’re going through a lot right now, and we just need peace.”

And, of course, all the professing Christians respond:


“God is in control!”

“Everything will be fine!” (Which means, “You’ll get everything you’re hoping for, if you fold your hands and say ‘Amen’ enough.”)

Again–it’s shallow and childish and useless.   If THAT’S all that happens when Christians get together to share wisdom, then the Atheists are correct when they decide they don’t need it.

The human relationship with God isn’t about asking Daddy to make life comfortable.

Therefore, we’re not helping anyone with our air-headed promises that he’s going to “come through” and give our friend everything she thinks she needs.

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is selfish and stupid.

So can we stop selling it?

17 thoughts on “They’re Right. That’s Stupid.

    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      That’s why I decided to take the Christian angle instead.
      They’ll have plenty of opportunity to troll the Comedy Sojourn when my dad answers her big “question” about “what to do” now that she has rejected the Great Genie…


  1. Wally Fry

    Preach it! (so to speak of course.) LOL.

    People often quote Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” (what can i say? I love the KJV). and say..see! God will give me what I want. Well, that’s NOT really what it says. There is a condition. “Delight yourself in the Lord.” New flash, it’s not really about us in the first place. I do believe that if I delight in Him, put my will secondary to His, and give myself to Him…that He WILL give me every single thing I want. Now, before you call me Joel, hear me out. What I believe happens is, our “wanter,” gets changed. There, that is my fundy “sola deo gloria” take on this.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wally Fry

        yeah..yeah. That’s a good, succinct way of saying it for sure. I’m good with that, totally. I get the alternative, sort of. I mean, I came to the Lord solidly in middle age, so I understand a bit about a self centered view of the world, I really do. I also get that it all changed for me when I adopted the opposite outlook. Much peace. I am perfectly okay with doing it His way. Of course, we all know that is REALLY the issue the haters have. Me me me me me me!!!!

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  2. The Isaiah 53:5 Project

    Real Christians ask God for things according to His purpose, not for what they want. So, it seems Nan doesn’t understand prayer at all.

    Also, the majority of her readers are Christians? Not sure how she could possibly substantiate such a claim but I find it highly unlikely.


      1. The Isaiah 53:5 Project

        Never mind, it was you who said it 🙂

        Guess I need to read more thoroughly before I comment.


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