This is What Equality Feels Like

You want to be treated like an equal in society?
This is how I treat everyone who makes his/her feelings the center of an issue:
It’s not about you.
Seriously, that’s what I say to everyone in our self-focused culture.
Mothers who want special treatment?
Americans who need protection from words?
Single people whose needs aren’t being met in some nonspecific way? (My own grandmother was upset with me over that one. But we were on the same page in the end!)
When I think people are wallowing in self-pity and trying to make the world revolve around them, I say something.
So, this is for you, people struggling with gay attraction.
It’s not about you.
My decision not to let my 5-year-old see the new Beauty and the Beast movie (featuring “Disney’s first openly-gay character”) has nothing to do with your feelings.
Which means I give about as much value to your feelings as I do my own.
This is what equality feels like.
I won’t be more diplomatic while I’m slaughtering your sacred cows than I have been with anyone else.
This week, Christians have been told:
-“Stop freaking out” “calm down” and “chill out.”
-“Gay people exist…and in real life, people lie. People cheat. People steal. People have affairs and pre-marital sex.”
-Boycotting Beauty and the Beast will be “harmful to the Christian Gospel” because “[it] suggests Christians are offended by the existence of gay people – even if that’s not how the boycotter intends it.”
-Plus a bunch of other warnings that Christians are hypocrites for boycotting a movie over homosexuality, instead of treating it the same as any other sin.
…except, all the finger-wagging at Christians is proof that homosexuality is NOT exactly like every other sin.
Gayness is the exception because gayness is the sin that our culture is glad to endorse.
Consider that the director of the movie said, “This is part of a celebration of love.”
And the actor who plays the gay character said he was “honored” to be a part of the movie which others have called history-making.
Would there be this much fanfare surrounding Disney’s first portrayal of any other sexual preference? 
If a movie aimed at kids portrayed a character “struggling with his feelings” for a stripper, I think we’d see an outcry…but that would be especially true if the people who made the movie treated it like some sort of cultural milestone.
So, gay people, please don’t make this about your feelings.
And, Christians, please don’t fall for the bait-and-switch that homosexuality is no worse than other sins–when Hollywood actively promotes it as BETTER.
As I said on Facebook:
3.7.17 Beauty and the Beast

If you agree with that perspective, but you’re still making excuses for the normalization of homosexuality in Beauty and the Beast, then YOU are the hypocrite who expects special treatment for your favorite sin…

Or course, I agree that Christians ought to be consistent with their criticism.

So, I promise, the next time a director proudly announces the “first-ever character who looks at pornography,” I’ll be outspokenly against showing the film to my very young child.    (At least until her age is greater than the number of fingers on one hand.)

This is how I handle the ridiculous double-standards of liberal culture. Expecting me to make a special exception to spare the feelings of gay people would be unequal.

30 thoughts on “This is What Equality Feels Like

  1. Jasmine Ruigrok

    I was so peeved when I heard about this, since Beauty and the Beast has been a longtime childhood favourite of mine, but I’m also aware that the media loves to beat up the smallest subtleties. Christians everywhere started losing their minds when Pixar said they had a lesbian couple in Finding Dory. For crying out loud, it was a three second scene of two women near a stroller. However you chose to interpret it, it could’ve been a Mum with a friend out for a walk. Big deal. I’m hoping for a similar turnout in this case, because if it is that subtle I can barely pick it up, I wouldn’t have a problem with a five year old watching it.

    If Christians are going to freak out about this “normalisation” though, they should be consistent. What about every movie that glorifies couples sleeping together before they’re married? What about murderers and thieves being the protagonist heroes? What about a myriad of other sins that go unsung?

    Sin is sin, even if it’s considered normal. And “freaking out” is a stretch. I don’t care if you don’t let your kids watch Beauty and the Beast, Amanda. You’ve got this thing I like to call, “free will” or “your choice”, and I applaud you for exercising it. I won’t accuse you of indoctrinating your kids. 😉


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      I actually didn’t hear about the “gay couple” from Pixar beforehand, or I’m not sure what I would have done… (As you, and others, have pointed out, it could have been mistaken for a couple of sisters or friends, out with a baby.)

      But, when the news first broke of this addition to Beauty and the Beast, the director (intentionally) made it sound like this would be a whole new, unashamed, pro-gay direction for Disney. Of course, he’s backtracking a little now. After about a week of controversy, NOW he’s saying, “Nah, it’s no big deal. People shouldn’t treat it like a big deal.”

      Anyway–I grant that it’s very unlikely my kids would even notice. But, as for movies that glorify unmarried couples sleeping together, I’m not aware of that happening in any Disney movies? Technically, in a movie for kids, it’s very hard to depict sexual sin. Men loving each other isn’t a problem. Two women pushing a stroller isn’t a problem. The problem is the sex act which, thankfully, won’t be shown.

      So, what bothers me is the fact that the producers and director are vocal about their goal to buck traditional values. They KNOW they’re being provocative and using a family movie to further an agenda, and they don’t care.

      I realize they’re going to keep including same-sex couples in more and more “family movies” to desensitize us to it. And that means the critics are correct that I have to find a way to discuss it with my kids, on their level, one way or another. But, I’m annoyed with the term “celebration.” I didn’t know about the gay-couples in Finding Dory or Frozen or Storks ahead of time. But I know about this ahead of time, so I’m going to take it as a warning and turn back. 🙂


      1. Jasmine Ruigrok

        Ahh, good point about it being Disney and therefore meant to be directed at kids. I kinda missed that point. Yes, they’re basically using kids movies to push their own agendas rather than tell a family friendly story. Part of me expects it, since it’s the way the world is going; whilst sin is a big deal, I don’t think a big deal should be made about the world acting, you know, worldly. But the other part of me doesn’t want to accept something passively as it being “just the way it is”. Here’s something I watched on it recently:

        I agree with your point about “celebration”. It’s not a victory. The fact it’s heralded as so means you’re making a statement if you let kids watch it. Have to say though, I’m a sucker and I’m going to see it, even if it’s just so I can be a purist and throw fruit, and squawk about how much better the old one is. XD

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      2. mrsmcmommy Post author

        I’m sure we’ll see it eventually as well. (As my dad and I both revealed in the last podcast, serve seen Brokeback Mountain, too!) But, I don’t want to contribute to theater sales, at the very least…


      1. Arkenaten

        In case you misunderstood … heaven forbid, right? The comment was in response to Jasmine’s original comment pertaining to all the other ”sin” seen in films that you so blithely accept and dismiss as apparently inconsequential.


      2. John Branyan

        I know! Christians, right?
        Ignoring all of reality! Then, there’s the fiction! Oh the fiction! And no such thing as Jesus or Exodus either one!

        Plus, evolution!


      3. Arkenaten

        Jesus the Nazarene, the famous Lake Tiberius Pedestrian? Nope, never was…
        The Exodus as per the bible? Nope… never was.
        Complete fiction.

        Evolution … well the inventors of your religion the Catholics seem to think it is fact, so , hell yeah.


      4. Jasmine Ruigrok

        I can’t find it! I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find where I said I asked for—or cared about—your opinion. Go find some fresh meat to troll, Ark. You’re wasting your time here.


    1. Whitney Garrett

      I posted it to my Facebook so that my parent friends can make their own decisions about it. It sounds like it’s more subtle than the director made it out, but at the same time it’s obviously part of this big push to undermine children’s innocence. This agenda from Hollywood to sexualize kids’ movies is really disturbing. And I’ve been really frustrated with my friends who have been posting “Christians need to chill” posts about this movie. I’ve noticed all the ones I know who have that opinion don’t have kids whereas my friends with kids have been really upset. I feel understandably since this is meant to be a kids movie and it’s a remake of a movie they loved as a kid and they wanted to share this with their kids. As a godly parent, you always feel like your kids are under constant attack from the world without feeling like the attack is also coming from things you got to enjoy as a kid.

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    2. Whitney Garrett

      People seem incapable of not going to one of two extremes on this one, though. Either you’re a bad Christian for seeing this or you’re a bad Christian for boycotting it. How bout we back up and have patience with each other and let people decide what’s best for their family. I posted the article above on Facebook basically just saying “more info so you can decide if you see this with your kids and have a teaching moment or if you’d rather skip it” and a lady from my church honestly commented “How much have you purposes in your heart to contribute to Disney?” Um, what? I’d already decided not to see this movie because I can’t stomach seeing Emma Watson play one of my favorite characters. How am I suddenly “purposing in my heart” like I’m tithing to Disney or something?! As my mama and I often say, People be crazy.

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  2. Arkenaten

    I, for one, always take my kids to see movies where theft and murder and adultery are something to “celebrate.”

    Really? How do you get such small kids past the ‘R’ rating – sneak them in under you coat?

    I think Jasmine’s comment was directed at the type of movies adult Christians watch and revel in.
    Of course, based on the behaviour you display on the blogs, and one can presume on other forms of public media as well, one could debate if you actually qualify as ”Adult”, but that might require a dedicated post.

    Jasmine’s point ….

    If Christians are going to freak out about this “normalisation” though, they should be consistent. What about every movie that glorifies couples sleeping together before they’re married? What about murderers and thieves being the protagonist heroes? What about a myriad of other sins that go unsung?

    seemed perfectly clear to me. Perhaps, when certain Christians are being addressed the comprehension level should be adjusted to the ”Writing in Crayon” level?

    Would that suit you better, amanda?


      1. Arkenaten

        No, I think you have aptly demonstrated the ‘ignorance’ part with this asinine string of comments you made.
        I knew you would!
        It was worth the wait.


      2. Arkenaten

        Dunno, how much more ignorance and stupidity do you want to show us?
        I’m turning in, but be my guest, you have a capacity for Stupid that seems to be bottomless.


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