How To Fake a Hate Crime

Some of my peers have a problem.

They KNOW that a big portion of their neighbors are hateful racists…but they don’t have the evidence to prove it to the rest of the world.

Some have tried to popularize the term “microaggression” by suggesting that being called horrible names on social media is comparable to historical lynchings.  But people aren’t really buying that. And, as microaggressions increase, the cases of actual aggression are in pretty short supply.

So, what’s a good Justice Champion to do?

The solution: join the rising number Fake Hate Crime Artists.

You don’t know who Taylor Volk is–but you ought to. She has been drawing attention to the hateful, threatening notes she received as a result of Trump’s election. (On her social media, she included pictures of the notes, with homophobic slurs!)

The problem is: she made the whole thing up.

This puts Taylor in good company with  Kathy Mirah Tu, who report  a racist attack, which turned out to be false…

And with Sarah Harvard, who posted to social media with a hearsay report of Trump-inspired violence that the police department couldn’t verify.

Then there’s Ashley Boyer, who claimed to have been assaulted by four caucasians while they talked about the election results…

Plus, don’t forget the unnamed, female student who allegedly had a hijab ripped from her head by a white guy wearing a Trump hat… which is similar to Eleesha Long’s debunked story that her attackers were wearing Trump T-shirts... and this man who claimed his attackers told him it’s “Trump country now.”

All bogus.

None of them really happened.

And all of these are just the confirmed fake crimes in the last two weeks since the election.

There has been a Reddit dedicated to Hate Crime Hoaxes for several months, and a website that started years ago and recently reached its bandwidth.

So, in addition to the first problem I mentioned, it seems my peers have an even bigger problem: they’re really bad at faking hate crimes. 

Presumably, there are people sending themselves threats and setting their own houses on fire and blackening their own eyes who are actually getting away with it…

But what’s the secret to their success?

Can I help the rest of the poor, victim-minded young people do a better job convincing the world they’ve been victimized?

Here’s a helpful list of pointers to get you started.

Pulling Off a More Convincing Hate Crime

  1. DO file a police report.   Yes, I realize it’s illegal to file false reports.  But go big or go home! Do you want to make the world a better place, or not?!
  2. DON’T tell the police officer that your attacker handed you his business card reading, “Professional Racist Intimidator, hired by Donald J. Trump.”  You will convince DeRay Mckesson and Shaun King with that evidence–but probably not the officer.
  3. DO include video or pictures of any notes or graffiti you’ve planted on your own property. People love to see their assumptions confirmed in full color.
  4. DON’T tell your friends you “have names” or a license plate number or that the police caught the attackers.  (Remember: you don’t actually have any of those things.)
  5. DO learn to draw a swastika better than this.

Anything else my list is missing?

I just want to make sure that anyone who wants to cry wolf at least has a vague idea what a wolf looks/sounds like.  Those townspeople really WANT to believe the stories of hate crimes.

It’s a shame that ladies like Taylor and Sarah and Ashley make it so hard to trust every good, violent story we hear online…

For the more advanced student of faking hate crimes, read more here.


4 thoughts on “How To Fake a Hate Crime

  1. oldschoolcontemporary

    Milo Yiannopoulos does an excellent job of highlighting phoney hate crimes in an online video, one titled “Milo Debunks Fake Lesbian Hate Crimes in Under 10 Minutes”, I’d imagine readers might enjoy their take on the strange desire to invent hatred.

    Thinking on the topic, I’ve actually read an excellent tactic with regards to manipulating people, how that people in the above have tried, and it comes by way of the same people behind bogus “historic” Jesus scholarship. So people wanting to fake hatred or fake being victimised might wanna stop skim reading now. In the situation I’d read, the “discoverer” of a supposedly long-lost manuscript gets in contact with a more credible liberal scholar in the field of Jesus studies, preferably someone already open to their fringe views. So, after contacting the target of their hoax, they’ll try and promote their manuscript find, for example, they might say “Oh, this looks really old, maybe even four or five hundred years. I know a little Greek, and it’s written in that. It says Jesus was married.” Obviously the portion to do with marriage would gather some of the more liberal scholar’s interest, although, it’s upon coming out to actually view the manuscript that the real hustle starts.

    When the liberal scholar is actually allowed to view the manuscript, the faked manuscript, it’s not four or five hundred years old in appearance, but rather one thousand years old or even older, of course, the hoaxer knows how old they or their conspirators have made the manuscript to appear, however, around the left leaning scholar they’d say “Well, golly,” I’m slightly exaggerating here, 😛 “gee whiz, professor, it looks a few hundred years old, I’m sure it must be interesting to you.” The scholar is of course drooling at this point, but they also think they’ve stumbled upon something totally amazing, something the “ignorant” discoverer hasn’t even realized. This find is big, it’s huge, and nobody but they can see it! The scholar is finding all of these telltale signs of ancientness, signs the discoverer, being a poor pleb, can’t have known of. Of course, the discoverer isn’t ignorant, what’s more that manuscript isn’t ancient, yet, how is the scholar to know, rather their imagination has already taken over, and they’re certain they’re onto something revolutionary. In the original story, the discoverer of the text, the hoaxer, asked to remain anonymous (big surprise there), and untangling their web was really an amazing story. Great detective work.

    Hate crime hoaxers might want to dupe people by letting the authorities or their “friends” take the lead more often, or they could even trick bighearted white males into accusing another white males of some terrible crime, then they’ve gotten two birds with one stone. A little something for the morally bankrupt (and those of us who want to guard against them) to think about.

    By way of a tiny addition, I’ve actually found your blog due a post over at KIA’s blog, who I’ve not read from overly much. In august of last year they first contacted me on my about page, although after one of my very brief replies they didn’t want to exchange with me any more, 🙂 though having read the “quality” many of their conversations descend into, I’ve not missed out of much. I’ve enjoyed your wit, fun and truthfulness in writing. In return, I’d like to share an article of my own with you, hopefully you’ll enjoy it (it’s long but a goodie).


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Are you talking about the scholar who was duped into thinking the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” was the real deal? 🙂 (Would you believe I read the reeeeeally lengthy article at The Atlantic about all of that? Very interesting!)

      Thanks for the follow, and I’m sure I’ll snoop around at your place soon. 🙂 I’ve now earned quite a few new friends, thanks to KIA and the other stubborn trolls.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oldschoolcontemporary

        Me too! It was very long. You’re right about our stories matching if in the article you read the anonymous manuscript finder turned out to be the creepy guy who made loads of suspect films featuring their wife, and it ends with him pitching his big ideas in a cafe to the reporter who later interviews him, which of course caused in the interviewer only pity that this man was such a manipulative so and so. I caught it on the news feed of Reasonable faith ages ago, it may be more fresh in your mind. Also, because I’m always out to share this with people, 😛 are you REALLY a fan of David Wood? I read this from some of your trolling buddies, although I’d imagine they’re not often the source of accurate information, for which I’d rather ask you directly.

        If so, have you ever watched David’s coming to faith testimony? It was filmed in (what appears) one continuous take going through a subway, it’s pretty amazing.


      2. mrsmcmommy Post author

        The creepy film thing!!! I forgot about that part! Lol.

        And, yes, the reason Ark brings up David Wood (CONSTANTLY) is because I showed him that subway video a few months back, and he can’t get it out of his head.

        As someone who interacts with “mentally ill” Atheists regularly, it is easily my favorite testimony video EVER. I still cry through it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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