We *Heart* Small Government

I tweeted a few days ago about the way many of my liberal peers are (finally) taking an interest in limiting government power–now that they’ve gone from worshiping a President to loathing one.

And I’m thrilled.

Honestly, if it takes a crude-mouthed, bad-haired, caricature of reality television to motivate certain Americans to study government functions, I call it a net win.

We have Trump to thank for the sudden interest in the Electoral College.

We have Trump to thank now that Americans across the board are more skeptical of polls and mainstream media.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for helping demonstrate why the government needs to be kept small no matter who’s in office.

Maybe I’m being too optimistic. But I have hope that some people are beginning to understand why the Conservatives were outraged back in 2008. (And they were mocked for their reactions, remember?)

Well, now both sides have gotten the opportunity to re-evaluate and ask ourselves whether we maaaaaaybe put too much faith in politics….?

And now, the stage has been set for both sides to understand each other better and to BE the “change” we’d like to see, instead of expecting the government to handle everything for us…

In fact, there’s already evidence of that happening…thanks to Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence.

Again, fueled by the pure hatred of a talking head,  liberals have accidentally discovered how charities are supposed to work!  

They’re sending their own money to Planned Parenthood, in case the government decides to slow the cash flow a little.  And they’re vindictively donating those funds in Mike Pence’s name.

See for yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, this is more good news.  I’m proud of you, budding activists! You’ve got the idea! As individuals, we are supposed to put our money where our mouths are. “Vote with your dollar!” as the Conservatives say.

Stop trying to make others pay for your obsession with Planned Parenthood if you don’t care enough to chip in personally.

For years, I’ve been donating my own money to clinics that provide pregnancy testing and ultrasounds and referrals for pap smears and mammograms, just like Planned Parenthood. But my preferred clinics also provide free clothes and diapers and formula to needy mothers–without the violent Baby Smoothies!

That said, if the Baby Smoothies are important to you, then open those wallets.

Theoretically, private citizens like Katy Perry and the lovely ladies at Jezebel or “Periods for Pence” can keep the doors of Planned Parenthood open forever, without a single dime of tax-payer money, if they really, really believe in the mission there.

I’ve seen non-profits thrive this way before.

I only have a small bit of advice to help this movement succeed, for the new small-government fans who aren’t familiar with the inspiring ways a good privately-funded business can keep up its fundraising for more than a few months:

Here’s the secret: hatred isn’t enough.

Oh, sure, it’s kind of funny to picture Mike Pence receiving all of those “thank you for donating” letters. I’m not surprised there are at least 80,000 individuals who added their coins to the coffer, just to be part of such a delicious irony.

(Seriously, I don’t blame people for enjoying a little irony.  I mean, have you seen THIS VIDEO?  The celebratory music…the absolute certainty of Liberals that Trump wouldn’t win… President Obama saying, “Well, Donald Trump, at least I’m going to go down in history as a president!”  The whole thing is pretty cringe-worthy–and, therefore, hilarious.)

I don’t begrudge anyone a good laugh!

I’m just warning you that mocking Pence will get old eventually, and then an organization stands on it’s own merit.

A good ministry must convince a donor that it really is doing good for the community, long after the donor’s anger stops burning.

Hatred isn’t enough to keep a really good cause going.  

Love is the only fuel that stands the test of time.

These are just a couple of thoughts I want to leave with the new fans of small-government who want to reduce Trump’s power and take matters into their own hands.  (Yay! Conservatism!)

I recommend unsubscribing from Tampons for Trump and taking a few pointers from And Then There Were None Ministries on how to earn loyal, generous givers who stick around.

Together, we can make positive changes in the world.

But you have to remember what you’re always chanting at Donald Trump and Mike Pence:  Love wins.


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