Advice the World Won’t Give You (Part 2)

Dear Children,

If you have to tell people you are–then, most likely, you’re not.

“I’m a great friend!”

“I’m hard-working.”

“I’m really fun to be around.”

Let other people say those things about you; or let them go without being said at all.

Paying yourself compliments will always be tacky.  That’s just the way it is.

It may seem as though confident people shout their good qualities to the world because they know exactly who they are. But it’s all an act.





They’re trying to convince themselves just as much as they’re trying to convince you.


I’m not sure why I see so many people bragging about themselves on social media, as if putting the quote in a pretty font or over a picture makes it acceptable. It’s sad that none of their friends or family will tell them when they’re embarrassing themselves.

So, consider yourself told: let others praise you. Don’t do it yourself.

Be the kind of person who deserves recognition, which is to say the kind of person who does good, even when you never get any.

And just to prove I don’t hate EVERY meme, put this one in your mind for awhile:



Your Mama


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