Advice the World Won’t Give You (Part 1)

To My Children:

“Hubby” isn’t short for “boyfriend.”

Daughters, if you’re dropping hints to some boy-crush by calling him “hubby,” I’m going to correct you. And, son, if a girl tries to stick the “husband” label on you before it’s official, we’re going to have a talk.

Playing house is fine when you’re in grade school; your mommy happens to love a good theater production.  But “husband” and “wife” are titles with real-world consequences, and they need to be earned.

Too many people try to force the permanence into their dating relationships, without the actual marriage commitment.

You can tell who they are when they say/share nonsense stuff like this:





These words get thrown around so much: love, serious, loyal, “official.” But the whole thing doesn’t need to be complicated. All of these concepts are found in marriage. So, if you’re looking for love, seriousness, loyalty, and something official, then don’t stop until you’ve promoted your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Make the commitment.

Get married.


A “boyfriend” is a boyfriend and a “husband” is a husband.

Don’t get the two confused.


Your Mama

13 thoughts on “Advice the World Won’t Give You (Part 1)

  1. KIA

    Actually, I grew up in central Kansas and much of what you’ve written on how to treat others and the opposite sex before marriage resonates with what I was raised with. By parents who did not know “the Lord” and who did not attend church at all.
    ‘The world’ is just a pejorative we used as Christians to describe others who did not agree with our perspective of reality and our conception of god. People are people. People are generally good and moral. No christianity required. None at all


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      You can’t help finding SOMETHING to preach about, can you, Pastor? 🙂
      I’ve put less than 175 words here, and you feel compelled to post your beef with the title.

      (See, kids? THAT’S pretty standard for the world, too… Even if they’re totally clear what I meant by my distinction, they’ll pretend it’s very confusing and complicated… But, yes, the Pastor is correct: even worldly people know the truth instinctively. Romans 2:13-15. The World Citizens simply can’t explain WHY you ought to do some things and not do others, and they wag their fingers anyway.)


      1. mrsmcmommy Post author

        A little caveat about Proverbs 25:22…

        If you’re TRYING to heap burning coals on everybody’s head, you’re no longer “being kind to your enemies.”

        You’re intentionally being a jackass.

        🙂 Just FYI.


      2. KIA

        Sorry little girl Antebellum, I don’t need your assistance interpreting the Bible. Have a great day… (you kiss your children with that mouth?)


      3. mrsmcmommy Post author

        I was just trying to give you something to write about on your blog today, since I assumed that’s why you’re here.

        You never show up to learn anything…or even to discuss…

        You’ll drop your comments into a thread, intentionally trying to stir up drama, and then tag on your signature “have a great day” to make yourself feel better.

        You make me want to vomit. (And, no, I’ll brush my teeth afterward before kissing one of my kids.)

        Since you’re an expert in the Bible already, maybe check out the DSM instead.


      4. mrsmcmommy Post author

        Make sure you cut out where I described your method for trolling threads and fishing for quotes, when you share Today’s Big Injustice with your congregation. 😉

        Also, let Carmen know I’ve written about relationships. She’s a proud member of The World, so she would have some detail to correct me about, too.


      5. mrsmcmommy Post author

        Oh, wait a second…
        You wrote about me on your blog YESTERDAY. Sorry, I guess my prediction was only half right.

        By the way–I LOVE the way you subtly compared your old way of judging everyone in “the world” with your NEW tendency to judge everyone in Christendom. Brilliant.
        And I doubt any of your readers will notice that you haven’t really changed at all.

        (Here’s a link, because all Christians are as bigoted and brainwashed as KIA was last year–but this one at least cites her sources.)


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