The Slavery Post (Part 2)

In my last post, I used questions to describe how slavery in the Bible might compare/contrast with parenthood.

I also asked:

 “What do you imagine would/will happen if our culture decides we must emancipate all children the way we’ve emancipated all slaves.   (And, for reference, the historian Jim Downs argues that thousands of black former-slaves starved or died of diseases in the United States, after being freed.)”

But, I realize not everyone understands concepts in written form. Sometimes they need pictures–and preferably moving pictures–to help them grasp a point.

So here’s a video I found this week which illustrates nicely.

It’s only 1-minute long. Go ahead and watch.


Thought-provoking, huh? And it’s even more poignant if you read the top comment…

  “Why would you have a bird like that in captivity anyways?”

That made me laugh.

Because it’s pretty obvious that “captivity” wasn’t such a bad situation for that bird!

It was the first taste of freedom that did him in.


6 thoughts on “The Slavery Post (Part 2)

  1. KIA

    “Because it’s pretty obvious that “captivity” wasn’t such a bad situation for that bird!”

    Of course you can’t ask the bird, but you can ask those humans who have been slaves or any sane and intelligent human his opinion of ‘captivity’ vs freedom. I’m sure most people would gladly choose freedom over bondage, even if that leads to a more unsure life or earlier death.
    Nothing justifies slavery. Nothing


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Nothing justifies the vision of slavery you have in your head.

      I totally agree.

      See how easy it is to get along, when you think black-and-white enough? We TOTALLY agree! Isn’t it nice?


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  3. ColorStorm

    Interesting too mrsmcm how some ‘slaves’ in times past were given the option of ‘taking a hike,’ or ‘staying’ with their masters, even after seven years. Ha! How many chose to live a life of freedom while being so employed as a slave! Twas a good life they could never have enjoyed otherwise.

    But God’s word, when understood, always shuts the mouths of the clowns at the circus, whose amusement is playing to an audience of fools.

    Perspective is a fine thing. Love that last line how freedom done did the bird in


    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      Thanks for reading, CS!

      Yes–I believe the first step in finding the Truth is the ability to think outside of boxes…

      Was individual “freedom” or “liberty” (as we know it) even possible 3500 years ago? Or are we just being biased, culturally-ignorant Americans when we assume God should have given the ancient Jews a copy of the U.S. Constitution instead of the Old Testament laws He laid out?

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      1. ColorStorm

        Your last question is a loaded one of course.

        Both are/were needed, relevant, and speak to the genius of God who in fact created the structure of all law.

        Don’t steal your neighbors cow. Don’t lie. Love God. Do good to your neighbor. Even a slave is obliged to obey the law.

        Then again, we can all choose who the ultimate taskmaster is. And that yoke is easy.


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