If you can’t get a fair trial, perhaps the only response is to conduct an unfair one of your own…

I read this piece criticizing Matt Walsh at Gawker today, but what SHOCKED me were the horrible statements made by the author, Jennifer C. Martin, about poor people!

1. Jesus Says the Kingdom of God Belongs to Poor People.  But Jennifer Martin doesn’t want the poor to have that reward!

Ms. Martin spent several paragraphs explaining why the Christian thing to do is raise minimum wage, expand government benefits, and–generally–“help” the poor as much as possible.

“When Matt Walsh is more concerned with the government taking his money to make sure poor people don’t die from starvation or lack of medical attention than he is with actually trying to better their lives, he is truly in direct defiance of the words of Jesus.”

But wait! If we’re supposed to better a poor person’s earthly life, then how will they “inherit the Kingdom of God?”

Why does Ms. Martin hate poor people so much that she wants to take the Kingdom of God away from them?  

It’s clear, Ms. Martin sees herself as a Savior, whose job is to rescue people who can’t live without her heroic help.  But the least she could do is let those poor souls go to Heaven. What kind of heartless monster would stop another person from enjoying that blessing?

2.  Jesus believed all people were equally valuable. But Jennifer Martin thinks black men are stupid. 

When talking about black protesters, Ms. Martin said this:

“[I often see] the typical Fox News arguments pointing out black-on-black violence and painting them all as cop-killers, gangster rappers, and absentee fathers…

[But they don’t] mention the number of unarmed people killed by cops since 1999, or the fact that blacks are killed by cops at a higher rate than whites…”

It’s such a shame that people like Ms. Martin don’t give black people any credit. She thinks they HAVE to resort to gang violence and fighting with the police, because they can’t handle institutional racism as well as the Jews did…

“As a Jew living in an empire under Roman rule, Jesus himself was a victim of institutionalized prejudice. The Hebrew people were marginalized and oppressed, having to operate under the laws of Rome in order to practice their customs and religion.”

And yet, the Jews today are known for being doctors.  Not “thugs.”

So, clearly, Ms. Martin doesn’t think black people are capable of rising above their circumstances like Jesus’ people have.  She steps in to speak for the black community, just as she did for “poor people,” because she doesn’t believe they are smart enough to speak for themselves…

…or that they’re capable of doing what the Jews managed to do without Ms. Martin’s help.

She treats African-Americans with kid gloves because she is what this young, black woman calls a “condescender.”

3. Jesus said to care for orphans. But Jennifer Martin wants them to live without a father/mother.

As is typical for straight, female, tabloid-staff-writers (with a Savior Complex), Ms. Martin has a lot to say about how difficult it is to be a gay male.

Unfortunately, she cares MORE about the vibrant sex lives of homosexuals than about giving orphaned children a stable home.

“Regardless of the fact that he’s never actually experienced same-sex attraction, [Walsh] feels qualified enough to order those who do to suppress the urge…”

So, besides thinking that homosexuals can’t control their sexual urges, Ms. Martin only briefly mentions the “studies that indicated two-parent families were more beneficial to children than single-parent families.”  She doesn’t have a problem with those studies.

Which means she WANTS orphans to have less-stable homes!

Not only that, she flat-out lied in her closing statements with bent and skewed statistics:

“The fact of the matter is this: gays and lesbians adopt far more often than heterosexual couples. 21.2 percent percent of same-sex couples have adopted children, compared to 4.4 percent of married, opposite-sex couples… Gays/lesbians are doing far more to aid the orphan the heterosexuals.”

In reality, the percentage of the gay population is sooooo small that 21.2% is still WAY SMALLER than the 4.4% heterosexual adoption rate.

It turns out, more than 50,000 adoptions take place in the U.S. every, single year.  But, only a TOTAL of 32,571 children lived with their adoptive, same-sex parents in 2009.   That alone should tell you the majority of adoptions are by heterosexuals…

So, who are you going to trust?


Or someone who manipulates statistics, thinks black people aren’t as smart as Jews, AND wants to keep the poor out of Heaven?

I won’t presume to make the choice for you. But I CAN tell you that Jesus wouldn’t approve of anything Jennifer Martin says.


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