Just to Clarify, America, THIS is what ACTUAL Bullying Looks Like

Soooo….  a friend of mine recently had a baby who had to spend a few days in the NICU being monitored.  (Although, he’s supposed to go home today. YAY!)     Anyway, my friend has been posting updates and prayer requests on Facebook “publicly,” so that her family can share the news.

And all would be well, except one of her updates (mentioning her son’s circumcision) was discovered and shared by a couple of Slacktivist groups:  Infant Circumcision is Unnecessary and Mutilation Watch.

Technically, these groups aren’t doing anything illegal, by trolling around the internet to find personal stories of women who have recently given birth and posting their real names (and their baby’s names), so that their followers can gossip about them…

But it’s a pretty lowlife move, isn’t it?

That’s why I posted a comment on one of the group’s threads, telling my friend I was sorry she’s being harassed by the Know-It-All Mommies.  But my comment was deleted immediately, and I was blocked from future posts. 

Again, that’s within their rights to do.

But doesn’t it say a lot about a person’s “argument,” when they won’t allow any replies?

And what can you learn about the character of a person who will intentionally upset mothers in the middle of their recoveries, so that they and their friends can cluck their tongues at them?

In what universe does that qualify as doing a good/important thing?

… Listen, I’m all about sorting through different opinions.  I LOVE a good controversy, and I’ve participated in hundreds of debates in my lifetime.   If somebody wanted to go back and forth with me about the pros/cons of circumcision, I’m all for it.

But don’t prey on a friend of mine and use her baby as a prop, just because you’re legally allowed.

And don’t shut down the conversation when it gets too hard for you.

The members of this group have the same philosophy as a car thief who refuses to accept responsibility–but keeps repeating, “the door was unlocked!”

When you won’t let people defend themselves–when their only choice is to lock up their information, to keep jerks like you from exploiting it–that makes you a bully. 


It took literally 15 minutes for the administrator of that group to shut down my rebuttal, and repeat her passionate battle cry about “mutilating babies.”  This is America, so few of us have real worries. Instead, we spend all day on our phones, sharing one-sided information about the LIFE THREATENING DANGERS of a common surgery, and we fight the important battle by searching for photos of unsuspecting people to shame…

Anyway, I share all of this in case some of my readers want to peek at these groups or try your own hand at engaging the administrator in dialog.  If you do–I want to know how long it takes for you to be deleted.  (Longest time gets 50 points!)  🙂

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