An Awesome Employee Seeks Support

Help, I’m experiencing discrimination!

I need a bunch of people to team up with me and tell my boss that she’s a jerk!

First of all, I’m an AWESOME employee, so there can be only one explanation for why my boss won’t cut me a little slack in a few areas: she’s hateful and is out to get me.

I’ve tried complaining about my job to my friends.

I’ve tried writing to the newspaper.

I’ve even priced a few lawyers.

The only thing I HAVEN’T done is wonder if I might come across as demanding to other people–because, again, I already know I’m an AWESOME employee. (My friends say so.)

Anyway, my question is, what derogatory name can I use to categorize my boss when I tell others my sad story? I’m white, so she can’t be a “racist.” Plus, SHE’S a woman, so she can’t be “misogynist.” As you can see, I need help here!

Obviously, I won’t be able to share all the details of the intolerant and unfair deeds every time I tell my story. (Because, believe me, I plan to rehash my story thousands of times over the course of the rest of my life–especially if she fires me like my last hateful boss.)

So, it would really help if I could win people to my side with a single phrase–preferably solidifying my role as the victim at the same time.

Know any good inflammatory labels which might apply here?

Can I just call my boss D.N.O.S.?  (Discriminatory, Not Otherwise Specified?)

Thanks in advance!

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