This photo was uploaded to Indiana Progressive Liberals Facebook group yesterday (Dec. 16th, 2014)

Bible Verse Scandal

The caption said, “A public school in Kokomo…”  and the picture features a marquee with a quote from 1 John, “Love each other. For love comes from God.”

Obviously, this has caused a small outrage.

What about the people who don’t believe in God?

Shouldn’t they get to approve what gets posted on the marquees of every, single school in the country?

Isn’t it their civil right to demand it be taken down immediately? (By the way, it has been taken down….hopefully, before too many of the students took the message to heart.)

Anyway, we all know the “love” part isn’t controversial. But “God” has no business in public school.

So, with sensitivity for Indiana’s Progressive Liberals who were scandalized by the previous quote, I’ve take the opportunity to fix it:

“Love each other…

For love is one of our best chemicals.”   –Feelings 101

1 thought on “OFFENDED!

  1. Tim Weeks

    Believe it or not GOD is love, and because HE loves us HE allows us to accept or reject his love. The sign on the marquee is uplifting…I think we all can agree we need a little more love in this world?

    Freedom OF Religion not Freedom FROM Religion…and Christianity is a religion, one can choose to follow or not. The message on the marquee was not forcing anyone to follow Christianity. The message was simple…LOVE.



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