On Demand

I give water to my daughter whenever she asks.

Water is good for her. Actually, it’s necessary for life. So, I’d rather give her lots and lots of water than the empty calories that come from sugary juices.

All she has to do is say the word, and I’ll get some water for her. Right away. (She’s not used to the word “wait.”  And why should she need to be?)

It’s important for all of my kids to develop trust in me fully. They have to know that I’m safe, and that I will always meet their needs. For these reasons, I’ve been practicing On-Demand-Watering since she quit nursing at 68 months. (Before that, of course, she got breastmilk any time she wanted.)

That sad day, when I thought our bonding time was over, I suddenly realized I don’t want my child to believe I’ve stopped meeting her needs, just because we’re finished with the boob. She still needs to know I love her unconditionally…

Why would I start telling her “no” after almost six years following her lead?

Anyway, I’m happy to discuss my choice with anybody who wants to be positive–but no judgment, please!  It’s really none of your business how I choose to parent.  What do you care, if I cut you off mid-sentence when Little Girl taps me on the leg, and I immediately rush to find a tap or cup for her?

I really don’t get why a thirsty child causes so much controversy.

And don’t even tell me that you have the right to get involved–just because I want government funding to install drinking fountains every 50 feet in public places.  Show some respect for my choices! It’s hard enough raising kids, without having to fight for every, single right…

I must have forgotten to take a stranger’s opinion into account before nourishing my child!!!

(*sigh*) I’m sorry, it’s just not about you.  It’s about my babies–the loves of my life.  When they need water, they should get it, whether you agree or not.   And believe me, it’s worth it. My daughter knows she never has to ask twice.

When I tell the ladies on Militant Milk Mamas about how much I love my daughter, they are very impressed.  Most of them agree with me. They also want their children to feel safe and loved and happy–by giving them unlimited power in a certain area.

Those kids get the message: there is nothing more important than you, little darlings.


I don’t see how it could possibly backfire.

They will get their water anytime and any place, regardless of the circumstances, come Hell or high water.  (And Hell WILL come, if somebody tries to keep me from satiating my baby girl.)

All she has to do is demand.

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