Inspirational Posters: My Hat Tip to Carol Rossetti.

You’ve probably seen Carol Rossetti‘s posters, even if you don’t recognize her name.

When you type Carol Rossetti into Google, you’ll get DOZENS of hits, and her work has become popular enough to be translated into several languages (from their original, Portuguese).

Here’s one:

Body Hair

And another…


And another…

Old Lady Bikini

And one more…

Rossetti Lesbian

I assume you get the idea.  But, if you’d like to see more of these encouraging and empowering and uplifting posters, there are tons of them.  They’re all chock full of love and you-go-girls.

Eventually, seeing them shared all over Facebook put me in the mood to create, too!

I noticed there have been several types of women not yet represented in this series. (Though I’m sure Ms. Rossetti will get to them eventually). So, I decided to help out by adding some inspirational stories based on women in my life…

For your viewing pleasure, here are SEVEN CAROL ROSSETTI-INSPIRED STORIES of women you could meet on the street.  Let’s stand in support of these ladies!

Meet Juana:

Juana has the confidence that only comes from Truth…

Here’s Dorothy:

Looking good wearing that discernment!

This is Bonnie:

Blog Project (1)

A private moment between mother and baby.

Be Inspired by Tabby:

Not worthy of a parade–but there’s plenty of room for pride!

Hello, Mrs Doe:

Blog Project (4)

The Doe Legacy will Last forever…

Megan is a Real Woman, too!

Blog Project (5)

Megan’s efforts are paying off! Isn’t she beautiful?

And finally, let’s hear it for Caroline!

Blog Project (7)

Pure inspiration.


Isn’t it great when we can encourage other women with  positive messages?




So, who else needs to be represented in this collection? What stories still need to be told?  Surely, between Ms. Rossetti and I, we can support every, single woman in the entire world–no matter what her background and beliefs, right?

…and that’s the most important thing.  To tell every, single woman in the world, “Keep doing/thinking/feeling whatever you want. ANYTHING goes, you strong, brave thing!!!”

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