Apologize for Giving Me This Child!

So, a couple of white lesbians wanted to raise children together. And, since Mother Nature didn’t give them all the necessarily tools, they decided to take matters into their own hands…

Cue the sperm bank.

Unfortunately (?) the couple was shocked when they discovered one of them was inseminated by a black man’s sperm by mistake…

A short video interview is here.

She’s crying.  Doesn’t it break your heart?  Really, who WOULDN’T be upset if they ordered one baby and ended up with another one?

I hate when my plans get messed up, too.

These women spent a year flipping through that catalog to find the perfect bottle of baby juice–only to have the God Factory mess up everything.

Ms. and Ms. Cramblett’s two-year-old daughter was a horrible mistake.  

Some interesting quotes:

-“I can’t let them do this to another family.”

-“I love my daughter…wouldn’t change it for the world…but…”

-“I’m not going to let this happen again. I’m not going to sit back and let this happen to anyone else EVER again…”

-“[the sperm bank offered] no sorry. No accountability… take ownership of what you did! Stand up and say…say…this is what we did…”

It seems Ms. Cramblett struggled to find the right words–using vague descriptions like “this” and “that” instead.  But I’ll spell it out for her:  She wants the Sperm Bank to apologize because SHE GOT THE WRONG BABY.  

When a modern woman and her lesbian partner order man parts over the phone, they expect a certain quality control in the matter.  (As their lawyer implied–it ought to be at least as reliable as pizza delivery, since the process is the same.)

A mother needs to know in advance whether her child’s hair will require a special barber, ya know?

Come on, People. This is 2014. We ought to have an adequate substitute for a father by now. How’s that going to happen, unless sperm banks across the country get their act together?

Accountability now!!!  Share this post to get the word out. No family should have to raise a child they didn’t carefully plan and prepare for.  The Sperm Bank needs to apologize to Payton’s mothers–because Payton never should have been born.

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