Why Would I Kill Jesus?

“Allow Me To Reintroduce the Christ.”

“Not someone you can pimp around to propel your cause, or a name you can proclaim to just cover your flaws…”   –Blair Wingo

“These idols have been erected up–elected up–to the point that if the real Jesus came back right now….

Dude, the Church would probably hang Him upside down…

pin Him to one of these beams and crucify Him again.

“Allow me to reintroduce the Christ.”


I like imagining how our culture would interact with Jesus today, and apparently I’m not alone. Last week, I explained why many Christians probably would encourage Jesus to get counseling.

…and Blair Wingo takes it even further. She says we wouldn’t just shake our heads and call Him crazy. We’d kill Jesus all over again. Maybe she’s right.

Why would we want to do that?

It’s hard to imagine wanting to crucify Jesus today, because we can look back and see what the Jewish leaders did wrong. They hated Him because they misunderstood His mission.

But today’s Christians “get Him” perfectly!

Jesus offended the Jewish Establishment because the Pharisees and Sadducees were confused in a way that we’re not! Unlike those short-sighted, religious nuts–we understand that love is more important than their precious, hypocritical Theology.

Love, love, love–not rules. No problem! We’re on board with Jesus here!


Have we made our theology of “love” into a new Establishment?

It seems we think exactly like the Jewish zealots–that we’ve figured God out–except we’re putting Him at the opposite extreme.  Rather than a god of wrath and condemnation, we worship the god of love and tolerance.

They wrote laws about praying and washing; we make “laws” out of freedom…

The Pharisees studied their scrolls for centuries and were sure they knew what to expect from the Messiah… Yet, they didn’t recognize Him when He finally appeared.

What kind of surprises are we going to face, when the Messiah comes again?

Jesus refused to be placed in a box. He shattered every assumption and shook off every cultural-preference, which deeply offended those who thought they knew it all.

So how would He offend us today–as a culture that fully approves of a sweet, peaceful caricature of Jesus?   

(Here’s a hint.)

Maybe we need to be reintroduced…


All of us have remade the Christ in our image–at least a little bit.  So, today, I want to know: why would YOU crucify Him?

What would He need to do?

What if Jesus said:  “Sex between members of the same gender offends me,” and He added, “That goes for unmarried sex as well.” “…To those who don’t honor their marriage vows–whether adulterers or porn-abusers or divorcees, I love you too much to accept this!”

Would we repent and sit at His feet?  Or hold grudges and quote our laws in accusation–not seeing that our favorite laws no longer support God’s purpose.

What if Jesus insisted He’s THE ONLY way, despite our human perspective on fairness? Would we try to wrap our minds around a God whose ways are different? Or would we be angry–on behalf of the Hindus who never heard of Billy Graham?

Am I able to believe God loves the lost more than I do? That He pursues all of us fairly?

…or would I call for His death instead?

-What if Jesus expected us to give ALL our possessions away? Would we walk away sad?

-What if somebody gets three talents, while we just get one? Would it wreck our view of Justice forever?

-What if Jesus never explains why He lets wars rage and hurricanes blow and children die, but wants us to trust Him anyway? Could you deal with that?

Or will you call Him a “fraud” and wait for a better god to come along?

(*cough*cough*) What if Jesus told me to “be silent in church,” as offensive as that would be? What if–knowing my heart–He told me to just button up, rather than risk going on some self-serving tangent.  And…in fact…”The other women in your group should remain quiet, too.”

“If they’re not content discussing with their husbands, they probably want attention more than answers.”


I’ll tolerate a lot of things, Jesus, but not that!

No God of mine would…  [fill in the blank].


It’s an interesting question to ask.  WHY WOULD I CRUCIFY JESUS? What would it take?

I’ve tried to hit a nerve, no matter what your particular sensitive topic is, because I think there’s a problem if we agree with EVERYTHING God did/does…  or, even if we disagree, we still have a tidy explanation for “why.”  (i.e. “That was just cultural thing.”)

Either way, we’ve got Him figured out.

If you have no trouble jumping into the shoes of Jesus and deducing what He thinks or what His next move will be, yours might be a counterfeit Christ.

You might be surprised when Your Savior shows up sounding different from the voice you’ve been giving Him.


I don’t want to be surprised.

When Jesus comes back, I want to recognize Him–not cover my ears and side with Barabbas, because I’ve been expecting a different Messiah all this time…

“Will the real Jesus Christ please stand up?”


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