Amandism Awareness

As a minority, I am outraged.

There’s a system in this culture making it “okay” to criticize people just like me based on my differences. And this system must be exposed.

Therefore, here at Cultures At War, I’m taking a stand against blatant acts of Amandism. 

Due to the lack of awareness about the issue, I’m regularly the victim of hurtful accusations and stereotyping, so let me engage in a little sensitivity training…

First of all, let’s all agree that there’s no one else just like me in the entire world. And if that doesn’t put me squarely in the minority, I don’t know what does.  And, like most minority members, I have been victimized by people with no frame of reference for my personal experience.

It started very early in childhood, when I was still learning what it meant to be AMANDA.  Naturally, I was unsure of myself and highly sensitive to criticism.

So, imagine how it damaged my spirit when Non-Amandas regularly put down some of the most Amanda parts of who I was–such as my bossiness and stubborn, know-it-all attitude. There was a subtle, culture-wide insinuation that being Amanda by defying my parents was negative…that being Amanda by manipulating my little brother into losing his temper was a bad thing.

Do you know what that kind of Amandism does to an impressionable girl?  It made me think I wasn’t good enough. It made me think I needed to change…and be like all the Other-Amandas who got along with their brothers and cleaned their rooms without arguing.

For awhile, I was ashamed of my heritage.  (America, I blame this on you.)

Thankfully, I began to realize that people would make assumptions about what’s right/wrong for me my whole life. And eventually I learned to trust my own judgment and be ME, since nobody else knows what my people go through every day.

These days, I’m much more comfortable in Amanda-skin. But I still see discrimination everywhere because of the invisible, cultural system set up against me. (And, if you don’t believe it exists, you might want to check your non-Amanda privilege, you bigot.)

America, you’ve failed that teeny, tiny fraction of the population that I represent, but if you let just one person fall through the cracks, that’s too many!

The nation cannot thrive while minorities like me are misunderstood–and then bullied–by people who don’t live in my margin.  Let’s do better.

Let’s do better for the sake of…me!

In the name of tolerance and diversity, I advise future commenters to be very careful about saying things that offend those with my DNA. It’s a civil rights issue!

Amandism is a problem, and you would do well to support me rather than end up on the wrong side of history. You know, next to the slave owners.

Treat Amanda like the special, individual, minority member she is (Scholarships! National holidays! Interviews!) or else you’re a no good, prejudiced, Amanda-hater.

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