Christians: Please Stop Making People Bleed

I found this picture on Facebook a couple days ago. It is a veeeery helpful piece of advice for angry, white pastors.

Stop Making People Bleed

Of course, I’m kidding about the angry pastors.

Actually it’s terrific advice for anybody who beats people to a bloody pulp with ancient texts. Yes, I would go so far as to say one shouldn’t use ANY religious books to knock somebody unconscious.

I don’t think that would be misreading the spirit of this cartoon.

In fact, if you’re still looking for that do/don’t line, you probably should avoid sending people to the hospital as often as you can…

After all, love does no harm.

Just don’t ask me whether it’s loving to send law breakers to jail or force drug addicts into rehab. And don’t bother me with ethical questions like, “How should we handle disobedient children?”

If you love them–how can you make them cry?

There seems to be some complication when you try sorting out the difference between “hurting” somebody’s feelings and “doing them harm.” But I don’t want to dig into that right now.

All I know for sure is: when you soak your Bible with other people’s blood, you’re doing it wrong.

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