Adventures with Definition Dennis (Episode Two)

Definition Dennis isn’t very familiar with Western culture. He’s struggling to learn the terminology…

(Click here for Episode One.)


Police Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Definition Dennis: I’m betting it’s because I hit 85 mph. But, I have to say, that’s pretty intolerant of you.

Officer:  The speed limit is 45 on this road Mr…(*looks at license*) Definition. You were going almost twice what you’re allowed.

Definition Dennis:  Yes–I know how fast you want me to go. But it’s my life, and it’s my decision.

Officer:  Actually, sir, it’s not your decision. And now I have to write you a ticket. (*He grabs a pad and starts writing.*)

Definition Dennis:  Look, I know I’m new around here, but a friend of mine just explained how tolerance works! When I think something is right, you can’t argue with me. Even if you don’t agree–you have to respect different opinions.

Officer:  (*Rips ticket from pad and hands it to Dennis*) Then I guess you can say I don’t tolerate law-breakers. (*smiles*)  Have a nice day!

Amanda:  Poor Dennis! Let me clear things up.  “Tolerance” only applies to beliefs about right and wrong.

Dennis:  But I believe it’s alright to drive 85 miles per hour!

Amanda:  Right…but…well…the law is different. The government decides officially what’s right/wrong, and then it’s not up for debate any more.

Dennis: So, the government can’t be “intolerant?” Uh…then who can?

Amanda:  People who want you to think their way instead of tolerating your uniqueness.

Dennis:  (*excitedly*) Oh! So, like my boss who makes me wear a hairnet in the kitchen? And my mom and dad used to say I shouldn’t eat too much junk food! They just don’t get me, man! Sooooo intolerant.

Amanda:  (Sigh)  I guess it’s pretty complicated.  In fact, let me know if you ever figure it out.

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