Adventures with Definition Dennis (Episode One)

Definition Dennis isn’t very familiar with Western culture. He’s struggling to learn the terminology…

Cathy Coworker:  I love your tie, Dennis! It looks great with your eye color!

Dennis:  Who are you to judge me?

Cathy:  What? No, …no! I’m not trying to judge you. Just saying you look sharp this morning.

Dennis:  Pleeeeease, Cathy. I may be new here–but I know “judgment” is for God alone. Only He can decide whether or not I’m well-dressed…

*Cathy makes a strange face and walks away*

Amanda:  Let me explain, Dennis. When somebody says “don’t be so judgmental” they mean, “don’t point out my negative traits.”  But you can compliment others all you want.

Dennis:   Wait…so it doesn’t count as “judging” if I like the person’s conclusion?

Amanda: Exactly.  In fact, Americans love that type of judgmental person…the ones who say nice things no matter what choice we make are called “tolerant.”

Dennis:  I’m confused.

Amanda:  Keep working on it, Dennis. You will get the hang of P.C. speech eventually, as smart as you are.

Dennis: Don’t judge me.

Tune in next time for another Adventure with Definition Dennis…

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