My Pledge

Sometimes the blogosphere gets ugly. It’s easy to remove the filter and start scream-typing at the computer, as if another human doesn’t sit on the other side. So, here are some things I pledge to keep in mind as I write…

I promise to treat you the way I want to be treated.  I want to be challenged. I want to be made (just a little) uncomfortable, and to consider things from a new perspective even when it’s difficult at first.  But I do NOT want to be attacked or treated as if I don’t have feelings. I want others to at least attempt understanding my perspective before criticizing my ideas. I will assume you want the same, and do my best to make sure you find those things here…

I promise to keep the atmosphere as pleasant as possible for everyone reading.  Most of the time, that will mean just watching what happens as conversations take place, and participating in the exchange. (I expect there will be disagreement, and that’s okay.)  But, occasionally, I may have to remove comments (and commenters) who strike me as troll-ish. I’ll ask myself, “What seems to be this person’s motivation?” and “Is it moving the dialog forward?”  If you start ranting and raving, mindlessly, I can’t let the comment stay.  Sorry.

I promise to remember you are someone God loves.  Sometimes love must be brave enough to say difficult things. (It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as they say.)  But, love also softens the edges; it doesn’t cause unnecessary heartache. I promise to sprinkle my words with salt, whenever possible, because I love what God loves. And He loves you!




2 thoughts on “My Pledge

    1. mrsmcmommy Post author

      You’re right! I haven’t updated this in a looooong time. My views have changed quite a bit in these three years.
      I’m going to need to rewrite the part about deleting trolls. I no longer do that.
      Now I prefer to let the trolls speak so others can see their empty, ignorant blathering.
      That’s how I’d want to be treated, if I were a troll who really thought I was intelligent.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention!



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